Feng Shui Insights For Classic Blue

Classic Blue is the color of the year, presented by Pantone, the color forecaster. Calm and reassuring, Classic Blue provides a solid foundation as we enter a new decade of high speed digital development. With technology racing ahead into unknown terrain, the notion of something classic is reassuring and comforting. […]

Why Replace Those Old Drafty Windows?

When it comes to home improvement, window replacement is often thought of last, especially with projects like remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or putting in hardwood flooring. Homeowners may not think about the added value new windows can provide as well as the savings incurred on those high heating and cooling […]

Home Fragrance Perfected

House and home are two separate things. A house is simply a building with four walls and a roof, a structure used exclusively for function. On the other hand, a home is a special place that can be a source of reassurance and leisure. To make a home, one has […]