Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

Q&A: Liam Henshaw, Data Analyst & Scout

After developing a strong interest in analysis while studying Sports Coaching at Leeds Beckett University, Liam Henshaw found his passion in becoming a data analyst and scout. With his experience working in the gambling industry and freelancing for professional clubs and agencies, Liam now holds a vital role as a Data Analyst and Scout for Heart of Midlothian FC in the Scottish Premier League.

What sparked Liam’s interest in analysis and scouting?

Liam’s journey began during his time at university, where he specialized in analysis while studying Sports Coaching. His first hands-on experiences came from academy and first team placements with Leeds United and Bradford City, respectively. These opportunities allowed him to explore his passion for football analysis. However, after completing his degree, Liam ventured into the gambling industry for several years, thinking it would be his long-term career. It was during the lockdown period that he rediscovered his interest in football analysis through the work of other analysts on social media platforms like Twitter. This reignited his passion and prompted him to pursue a career in data analysis and scouting once again.

The importance of social media in Liam’s career

Liam’s strong social media presence, particularly on Twitter/X, played a significant role in his career progression. He started by sharing analysis content about his favorite team, Nottingham Forest. Over time, this allowed him to develop a niche focusing on data and performance in clubs across the English Football League (EFL). His work caught the attention of various clubs and agencies, leading to opportunities and connections within the football industry.

Liam’s role at Hearts and a typical working day

Liam’s role at Hearts encompasses both data analysis and scouting. On a typical day, he reviews scouting notes and reports from the previous weekend, discussing them with the scouts and the Head of Recruitment. He spends a significant amount of time using Python to create models that highlight players performing well across different leagues. During meetings, he presents these player profiles and discusses their performances in relation to the scouting reports. Liam’s role requires adaptability, as he switches between long-term projects, coding, analysis, and watching players live or through video.

The importance of clear communication in Liam’s work

Clear and transparent communication plays a vital role in Liam’s work at Hearts. Being part of a smaller team allows for quick decision-making and easy communication with colleagues. Liam emphasizes the importance of communicating in “football language” and presenting data in a way that is easily understood by coaches and staff. This close working relationship between the analysts, coaches, and scouting department enhances the recruitment process and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to player evaluation.

Sharing knowledge and resources

Liam is passionate about helping others enhance their skills in scouting and analysis. Through his online platforms and website, he shares resources, tips, and knowledge about coding, scouting, and portfolio-building. He provides free scouting templates, book recommendations, and articles that have helped him secure roles within the industry. Liam is also in the process of building a course that will cover analysis, scouting, and portfolio development, empowering individuals to pursue their careers in football analysis.

Standing out in the early stages of a career in analysis and scouting

Creating an online platform is crucial for individuals starting their careers in analysis and scouting. Liam recommends choosing a platform that aligns with personal preferences and passions. Whether it’s Twitter/X, Medium, or LinkedIn, consistently sharing work and engaging with the community can lead to connections and opportunities for growth. Liam emphasizes the importance of finding joy in learning and producing content, as this passion will drive continuous improvement and progress.

Tools and resources

In addition to his online presence, Liam has developed various tools and resources to support aspiring analysts and scouts. His scouting platform, Pro Scout Edge, provides paid-for templates for individual and team scout reports, among other scouting resources. Liam also offers free resources, such as book recommendations and scouting templates, to help individuals create their own scouting systems. Additionally, he is building a course that will cover analysis, scouting, and portfolio development, further empowering individuals in their pursuit of roles within the industry.

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