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Michele Lacroix: The Enchanting Partner of Kevin De Bruyne

The world of football is not only about incredible goals and thrilling matches but also about the fascinating lives of the players off the field. One such story that has captivated football fans is the relationship between Kevin De Bruyne, the talented Manchester City player, and Michele Lacroix, the stunning Instagram model. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the captivating life of Michele Lacroix and uncover the details of her intriguing partnership with Kevin De Bruyne.

Michele Lacroix Biography

Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix, an epitome of beauty, has captured the hearts of many with her mesmerizing charm. As a popular Instagram model, her allure knows no bounds. In this article, we will take a closer look at Michele Lacroix’s personal life, including her early days, physical stats, and background information.

Michele Lacroix Information

Michele Lacroix

Let’s start by exploring some key information about Michele Lacroix. Her real name is Michele Lacroix, and she has found success as a model. Standing at a height of 165 cm (5 ft 5 in), Michele captivates the eye with her hazel eyes and blonde hair. She was born on December 8, 1993, in Genk, Belgium, and holds British nationality.

Michele Lacroix Early Life

Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix’s journey began in Genk, Belgium, where she was born in 1993. Although there is limited information about her early days, we know that she grew up in a loving family. Her parents showered her with affection and support, evident from their heartfelt birthday wishes and posts on social media. Michele’s father, Roland Lacroix, is often seen in pictures with her, showcasing their strong bond. She learned the values of love and loyalty from her family, which she exemplifies in her relationship with Kevin De Bruyne.

Michele had a typical upbringing in a middle-class family. She attended a private school for her education and later pursued her studies at the University of Hasselt in Belgium.

Michele Lacroix Relationship

Michele Lacroix

The story of Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix’s relationship is one that has captured the imagination of fans. Kevin’s ex-girlfriend’s betrayal led to their fateful encounter. After his ex cheated on him with one of his friends, Kevin was heartbroken. It was during this difficult time that he met Michele Lacroix. They instantly connected and have been together ever since.

Kevin has always been open about his relationship with Michele, acknowledging her unwavering support and the pivotal role she plays in his life. Michele’s strength and loyalty have helped Kevin navigate challenging moments, providing him with the love and support he needs.

About Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne

While Michele Lacroix’s popularity has soared, Kevin De Bruyne is a renowned figure in the world of football. Born on June 28, 1991, in Drongen, Belgium, Kevin began his football career at KAA Gent before joining KRC Genk. He made a breakthrough in the 2010-2011 season, helping Genk win the Belgian Pro League championship.

Kevin’s exceptional skills led him to join Chelsea in 2012, although he faced challenges in getting sufficient playing time. He was loaned to Werder Bremen, where he showcased his talent in the Bundesliga. In 2014, he transferred to VfL Wolfsburg before eventually joining Manchester City in 2015. Kevin has played a pivotal role in Manchester City’s success, contributing to multiple Premier League championships and domestic cup victories.

With his superb passing, shooting ability, and strategic play, Kevin has established himself as one of the world’s top midfielders. He has represented Belgium in international competitions, most notably in their remarkable World Cup run in 2018. Currently playing for Manchester City, Kevin was named the team’s 2022-23 Player of the Year.

Michele Lacroix Wedding

Michele Lacroix

Kevin wanted his wedding with Michele to be a momentous occasion. In 2016, during their time in Paris, Kevin proposed to Michele at the base of the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of love and commitment. The proposal was met with a resounding “yes,” and the couple tied the knot on June 26, 2017.

In a beautiful, white attire, Michele looked radiant on her special day. The couple’s wedding ceremony was a testament to their love and dedication. Their joyous celebration marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives together.

Michele Lacroix Influence on Kevin De Bruyne

Michele Lacroix

Throughout their relationship, Michele Lacroix has been a pillar of support for Kevin De Bruyne. Initially, she may not have been a regular attendee at his matches, but her presence has become more prominent over time. Michele has stood by Kevin’s side during the highs and lows of his career, demonstrating her unwavering support.

The couple has been seen together at various events and public appearances, celebrating their triumphs and sharing their joy. Michele’s role as a loving wife and mother has been invaluable to Kevin’s journey. Together, they have built a beautiful life that encompasses football and all the joys that come with it.

Michele Lacroix Children

Michele Lacroix

Kevin and Michele have been blessed with three children. They welcomed their first child, Mason Milian, in March 2016. Their second son, Rome, was born in October 2018, followed by their first daughter, Suri, in September 2020. Kevin publicly acknowledges Michele as an incredible mother, emphasizing her love and devotion to their children.

Michele Lacroix Family

Michele Lacroix

While information about Michele Lacroix’s family is scarce, we have managed to uncover some details. Michele is the youngest of her parents’ children and shares a close bond with her father, Roland Lacroix. Her father works at Sfz Heusden-Zolder, and they often celebrate special occasions together. Although her mother’s name remains unknown, it is evident that Michele’s parents have been a source of love and support throughout her life. Michele also has an older sister named Charlotte Lacroix.

Michele Lacroix Career

Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix’s captivating beauty has led her to several career opportunities. While she received offers to star in movies and series, she decided to pursue her passion as a host and established her own podcast. With her remarkable talents, Michele has become a social media influencer and celebrity. She recently announced her return to television by co-hosting the “Secret Society” podcast, showcasing her unique personality and charm.

In contrast, Kevin De Bruyne has enjoyed a successful career as a professional football player. Playing as a proficient midfielder for Manchester City in the Premier League, Kevin’s exceptional skills have earned him a considerable income and fame.

Michele Lacroix Net Worth and Salary

Michele Lacroix

Michele Lacroix leads a luxurious life alongside Kevin De Bruyne. Her estimated net worth is around $2 million USD, a testament to her successful career and endeavors. While she enjoys the finer things in life, Michele’s down-to-earth personality is evident in her modest approach to showcasing her lifestyle.

Michele Lacroix Social Media

Michele Lacroix

Michele actively engages with her followers on Instagram, where she has garnered over 600K loyal fans. Her posts receive an average viewership of 150K and are liked by thousands of admirers. Although she also has a Twitter page with over 1K followers, Michele’s heart lies in sharing her life on the visual platform of Instagram.

In conclusion, the enchanting Michele Lacroix has captured the hearts of football fans worldwide. Her captivating presence and unwavering support for Kevin De Bruyne have made her an integral part of his life both on and off the field. Keep an eye out for more fascinating articles on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Michele Lacroix?
    Michele Lacroix is a popular Instagram model known for her captivating beauty and charm. She is the partner of Manchester City player Kevin De Bruyne.

  • How did Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix meet?
    Kevin and Michele met after Kevin’s previous relationship ended with his ex-girlfriend cheating on him. They instantly connected and have been together ever since.

  • How many children do Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix have?
    Kevin and Michele have three children together. Their names are Mason Milian, Rome, and Suri.


The love story between Kevin De Bruyne and Michele Lacroix is one filled with joy, support, and a deep connection. Michele’s enchanting presence and unwavering support have made her an integral part of Kevin’s life. As they continue their journey together, their love story is sure to inspire and captivate football enthusiasts around the world.