Why Every Living Space needs a Custom made Armchair

Kelly C. Gamble

After some thought, we have come to realize that most of us develop an attachment to our furniture over time. In conclusion, it reveals that humans truly do foster a deep relationship with certain parts of their home, particularly chairs.

 At some point, we have also considered the simple custom made armchair in our home as an indication of status. Furniture as evidence of social status is a concept that dates a while back, so it shouldn’t be an object of surprise when we encounter such a pattern in the modern times.

With that, the reason why every living space needs a custom made armchair is the comfort it offers, and what this comfort represents.


We have a natural tendency to associate the comfort we experience to the ease of the quality of our life. That said, it has an unconscious effect on our self-esteem. With our assistance at the Yorkshire Fabric shop, you can learn to DIY your armchairs with just a few guidelines.

That said, this relationship is most likely the result of a time when most people used furniture as an item of luxury. Furthermore, if there was a comfortable seat in such a setting, it would be assumed that the most respectable member of the household can lay claim on the best custom made armchair in the home.


What our Chairs Represent

It has been this way for many years and it continues to be so today. This appears most clearly through the motif of “throne.” A well adorned and craft custom made armchair most directly symbolizes status in royal courts.

That said, the monarch occupies a high perch overlooking her subjects for the rest of the seating in the room. Furthermore, the monarch’s spouse would be the only other chairs.

In the same light, a CEO’s chair will be identifiable regardless of size or decor. More so, even the chairs for the royal couple are elevated above the common level of the hall. In making this distinction, the ruler is sending a clear message to his subjects that he is the most influential and most powerful person in the room.


Social Role of a Custom made Chair

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you will need a throne to tell you how important chairs are in social settings. Anyone who has ever planned and arranged for events will understand the difficulties in seat assignments. And, take note, these chairs aren’t judged based on their quality, but in where they are placed.

Aluminum or wooden folding chairs are most commonly used for banquets to seat numerous guests. This shows that the quantity delegates people to a mass role. While some tables have a “head seat”, where it can be assumed that the most important member of the group will be seated.

Now, a custom made armchair comes with fairly limited quantity, from just one accent piece to a pair placed near the sofa. This only means that whoever is at the top of the hierarchy can lay claim to this seating area.

Furthermore, we can conclude that chairs of a similar type in numerous quantities relegates it to of normal value. On the other hand, custom made armchair or accent chairs are shown to be of higher value and importance in the hierarchy of seating.


The Chairs in our Home

The connection between the custom made armchair in our home and the status it represents is also a theme in the domestic setting. That said, the patriarch or the matriarch of the family will sit at the head of the table. It signifies domestic authority, as well as a degree of respect.

The seating hierarchy is sometimes extends to the other side of the table, and this is especially evident in homes with rectangular dining tables. When it comes to the seating in our living space, more modern families, attempt to meet their aspirations for personal equality.

Lastly, the point stands that the main purpose of having an accent custom made armchair in our living spaces is that it show a capability to connect and provide. These chairs are not only proof of a good quality of life. It also shows that the family put importance in areas of the home where they can reconnect and reconvene with their loved ones at the end of the day.

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