What we gain from what we leave behind in 2021

Kelly C. Gamble
Rhode Island-based lifestyle blogger Emily Blanchard and her puppy, Theo, in the van she'll be living in for the next year.

I think it’s safe to say, we’re all ready to leave 2020 behind. But, how can we?

We are changed. We see the world differently. We see our friends and family differently. We have lived through a gear-grinding halt of our way of life. We’ve lived through a horror movie, literally, where a pandemic kills millions of people and scientists must rush to find a cure.

That’s a lot. Most of us haven’t really even processed this year, so the idea of jumping into 2021 with New Year’s resolutions might feel exhausting. It does for me.

But something I’ve been considering is not what I want to do in 2021. Instead, my question is: what do I want to leave in 2020?

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