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Vinicius Junior: A Rising Star in Football

Vinicius Junior, the Brazilian football sensation, has taken the football world by storm with his explosive style and exceptional talent. At just 22 years old, Vinicius has already made a name for himself as one of the best players in the world, earning him the nickname “Baby Galactico.” In this article, we will delve into Vinicius Junior’s biography and explore his incredible journey in the world of football.

Vinicius Junior: The Journey Begins

Vinicius Junior, whose real name is Vinicius José Paixo de Oliveira Junior, was born on July 12th, 2000, in São Gonçalo, Brazil. Coming from a humble background, Vinicius faced hardships from a young age, but his determination and passion for the game of football pushed him to excel.

At a young age, Vinicius joined the renowned futsal team Canto do Rio, where he honed his skills and developed a strong foundation in the sport. His prodigious talent and ability to set up plays quickly set him apart from his teammates. Vinicius’ parents recognized his potential and sent him to Flamengo Academy to further his football education.

The Real Deal: Vinicius Junior’s Transfer to Real Madrid

Vinicius Junior’s talent did not go unnoticed. In August 2010, he passed the trial test for Flamengo’s youth football team and was accepted. However, it was his journey to Real Madrid that truly catapulted him to stardom.

Real Madrid intervened in the transfer negotiations and acquired Vinicius Junior, making him the most expensive player under 18 ever sold in football. He remained at Flamengo in Brazil until July 2018 to continue his development. Vinicius’ transfer to Real Madrid showcased the club’s belief in his immense potential.

Vinicius Junior at Real Madrid

Since joining Real Madrid, Vinicius Junior has showcased his skills on the biggest stage. His explosive style, speed, and technical ability have made him a fan favorite. In the 2021/22 season, Vinicius had a breakthrough performance, scoring crucial goals and making significant contributions to Real Madrid’s success.

During his time at Real Madrid, Vinicius has scored memorable goals in important matches, including El Clásico against Barcelona and the UEFA Champions League final against Liverpool. His performances earned him recognition as one of the best young players in the world, and he was named to the UEFA Champions League team of the season.

Vinicius Junior’s International Career

Representing his country has always been Vinicius Junior’s dream. He made his debut for Brazil’s national team at a young age and has continued to impress with his performances. Vinicius has been part of Brazil’s squads for various tournaments, including the Copa América and the FIFA World Cup.

Off the Pitch: Vinicius Junior’s Love Story

Away from the football field, Vinicius Junior has found love with Maria Julia Mazalli, a Brazilian influencer and reality TV personality. Maria is known for her blog posts about travel and fashion and promotes a healthy lifestyle. The couple’s relationship became public in early 2019, and they have been supporting each other in their respective careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When was Vinicius Junior born?

    • Vinicius Junior was born on July 12, 2000.
  2. What position does Vinicius Junior play?

    • Vinicius Junior plays as a left winger.
  3. Which teams has Vinicius Junior played for?

    • Vinicius Junior started his career at Flamengo and later joined Real Madrid.
  4. What are some of Vinicius Junior’s notable achievements?

    • Vinicius Junior has won several titles with Real Madrid, including the UEFA Champions League. He has also represented Brazil at international tournaments.


Vinicius Junior’s rise in the world of football has been nothing short of remarkable. From his humble beginnings in Brazil to his success at Real Madrid and on the international stage, Vinicius has proven himself to be a true talent. As he continues to develop and mature, football fans around the world are eagerly following his journey. To stay updated on Vinicius Junior’s latest news, visit Zerobertooficial.