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The World Cup Trophy: A Complete Guide to Football’s Greatest Prize

The FIFA World Cup is the ultimate goal for every football player. The trophy holds immense importance and symbolizes the pinnacle of success in the world of football. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating history and details of the iconic World Cup trophy. By the end, you will become an expert on the most prestigious football trophy in the world.

World Cup Trophy

The Original World Cup Trophy

The World Cup was first introduced in 1930 by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), as an international competition held every four years. Uruguay was chosen as the host nation for the inaugural tournament, and they emerged as the first-ever World Cup champions. The South American nation had the honor of lifting the original World Cup trophy.

World Cup Trophy Name: The Jules Rimet Trophy

Originally named ‘Victory’, the trophy was later renamed in honor of Jules Rimet, the FIFA President who initiated the tournament. The trophy was known as the Jules Rimet Trophy until 1970 when Brazil claimed their third World Cup title and were awarded the original trophy permanently. A new trophy, known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, was introduced in 1974 for future tournaments.

Jules Rimet Trophy

How Much Is The World Cup Trophy Worth?

The World Cup trophy is considered one of the most expensive trophies in sports history. It is made of valuable materials, including gold. The current FIFA World Cup Trophy is estimated to be worth over $20 million. The original trophy’s production cost is believed to have been around $50,000 in the 1970s, which would be equivalent to approximately $242,700 today.

What Is The World Cup Trophy Made Of?

The original World Cup Trophy, designed by French sculptor Abel Lafleur, was made of gold-plated sterling silver on a lapis lazuli base. The current FIFA World Cup Trophy, designed by Italian trophy maker Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni, is made of 18-karat gold (30,875 Carats) with malachite integrated into the base. With its solid gold construction, the trophy carries immense value.

World Cup Trophy Gold

Dimensions of the World Cup Trophy

The FIFA World Cup Trophy measures 36.5 centimeters (14.4 inches) in height, slightly taller than the original Jules Rimet Trophy, which stood at 35 centimeters (14 inches). The trophy’s weight is estimated to be around 6.175 kilograms (13.6 pounds).

Who Keeps the World Cup Trophy?

The official World Cup Trophy is kept at the FIFA Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It is brought out for special occasions like the opening and closing games of each World Cup tournament and occasional trophy tours. The winning team does not get to keep the official trophy; instead, they receive a gold-plated bronze replica called the World Cup Winners’ Trophy.

Who Keeps the World Cup Trophy

World Cup Trophy Stolen: The Unforgettable Story

The World Cup trophy has had its fair share of dramatic incidents. In 1966, just four months before the FIFA World Cup in England, the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen from an exhibition. The trophy was later found in a suburban garden hedge by a black and white mongrel dog named Pickles. Pickles became a national hero, and the trophy was recovered, adding another iconic chapter to the history of the World Cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the World Cup Trophy solid gold?

Officially, the FIFA World Cup Trophy is described as being made of “solid gold.” It contains 30,875 Carats of 18-karat (75%) gold, along with malachite integrated into the base.

How much does the World Cup Trophy weigh?

The current World Cup Trophy is estimated to weigh around 6.175 kilograms (13.6 pounds). The original Jules Rimet Trophy weighed approximately 3.8 kilograms (8.4 pounds).

How much is the World Cup Trophy worth?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is estimated to be worth over $20 million. Its value is attributed to the prestigious nature of the prize and the materials used in its construction.

How tall is the World Cup Trophy?

The World Cup Trophy stands at a height of 36.5 centimeters (14.4 inches), slightly taller than the original Jules Rimet Trophy, which measured 35 centimeters (14 inches) in height.


The World Cup Trophy is the ultimate symbol of excellence in football. It represents the dreams, aspirations, and achievements of players and nations on the grandest stage of them all. With its rich history, prestigious design, and immense value, the World Cup Trophy remains the most coveted prize in the world of football. Discover more about the exciting world of football on Zerobertooficial.