The Latest Trends in the Plumbing Industry

Kelly C. Gamble
Top Trends in the Plumbing Industry for 2018 | FieldEdge

What’s new in the plumbing industry in this digital age? Knowing that this type of service is in high demand in Australia, quite certain the trade has also undergone some kind of levelling-up. In fact, a lot of homeowners are really impressed with the updated knowledge and tools that professional plumbers today have possessed.

To give you the latest trends, below are some of the newest trends in the plumbing industry.

Plumbing quotes are now available online.

Yes, plumbing ranks seventh among the most searched for industries in Australia according to research. If ever you need a plumber’s service, it’s so easy to find one on the Web. Just get into smart plumbing businesses and online directories and you can obtain quotes online.

The reviews that you can read on the Internet, as well as other information posted on the company profiles, are a big help when searching for the right local emergency plumber Sydney services you might be needing anytime. The best part, there are one-stop shops to find the answer to your needs aside from using Google and social media.

Google gives you location-based businesses with corresponding maps, so obtaining a quote or sending a message to the company of your choice can be done fast directly through Google. As well, Facebook and Instagram are exciting places for learning things about the industry. Most businesses nowadays make the best of social media in promoting their businesses, including the plumbing industry.

Pipework is now done using trenchless technology.

The trenchless technology makes only small openings at both ends of the pipe which means it’s a convenient alternative to the traditional repair method. Before, plumbers needed to dig up your entire property and destroy your garden in the process just to repair, maintain or install the pipeline.

Fortunately today, they only need to do a small portion on the ground. Besides being environment-friendly and less intrusive, trenchless plumbing also saves you time and money on labour costs.

Homes can now use touchless plumbing fixtures.

Newer homes and renovations today adapt the touchless plumbing system which involves using motion-sensor taps, toilets and a lot more. Although there’s not much difference in price when compared to the older standards, the advantage of touchless plumbing is that it only requires less maintenance. Convenience is at the helm when your kitchen, laundry and bathroom fixtures are using the motion sensor technology.

Use of solar powered water heaters

Another environment-friendly practice, solar power for heating water is cost-saving in the long run. There’ s now a growing demand for solar powered water heaters, so if you’re thinking of having one installed in your home, call only a licensed plumber to do that.

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