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Ten Hag has a Better Record than Sir Alex: The Real Deal

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Erick Ten Hag, the Dutch coach, recently reached his 100th official match as the head coach of Manchester United. Unfortunately, his team suffered a comprehensive defeat against their city rivals. The match result, the team’s performance, and even calls for Ten Hag’s dismissal were widely covered in the media. However, not many people have noticed that Ten Hag has a better record than Sir Alex Ferguson. In fact, if we consider the winning percentage alone, “The Ten Master” is currently ranked first among all the managers who have ever led MU.

Let’s take a closer look at the Top 5 managers with the highest winning percentages during their time at MU.

1. Erick Ten Hag: The Real Deal

Erick Ten Hag

Erick Ten Hag, who is known for his eloquence, has managed to achieve an impressive winning percentage at MU that nobody could have anticipated. His successful record speaks for itself, proving that he is more than just a talker. It’s truly remarkable how he has managed to surpass the great Sir Alex Ferguson in terms of performance.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson: The Legendary Coach

Sir Alex Ferguson

We cannot talk about Manchester United without mentioning the greatest manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson. Under his leadership, MU achieved more than half of its total titles in history. Despite some debates regarding his true abilities, tactics, and strategies, there is no denying the success that MU experienced under his guidance. Sir Alex’s achievements not only lie in his winning record and style of play, but also in the influence he had over referees.

However, there were some dark moments in his coaching career, including accusations of buying Rolexes for referees and the devastating 1-3 defeat against Barcelona and their mesmerizing Tiki-Taka style of play in 2011. The image of Sir Alex chewing gum with a gloomy face and trembling hands has become an iconic symbol of the UEFA Champions League.

3. Jose Mourinho: The Special One

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, the coach who won three Champions League titles with Porto and Inter Milan, also had a less impressive winning percentage at Manchester United. Despite his unique playing style, which brought him three domestic titles and decent achievements, “The Special One” was quickly ousted from Old Trafford after just over two years in charge.

Mourinho’s last years at MU were marked by poor results, mainly due to his inability to control the dressing room, leading to a mutiny among some players. His arrogant and self-centered personality became evident when he learned about Ten Hag’s superior record compared to Sir Alex’s, as he couldn’t help but laugh and mock his fellow coach.

4. Ole Gunnar Solskjær: The Promising Start

Ole Gunnar Solskjær

The Norwegian legend, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, was a relatively new face in the coaching scene, but he had a promising start at Manchester United. He held the position of head coach for the longest period among all the managers after Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, not many people understand why Solskjær’s era collapsed so quickly, especially considering the impressive winning streak he had in his early days as a coach, with dreams of European glory in the following seasons. Things quickly went downhill when the club’s management brought back Cristiano Ronaldo to appease the fans, along with some ill-advised transfer decisions that ultimately led to Solskjær’s bitter departure.

5. Sir David Moyes: The “Not So Sir”

David Moyes

The title “Sir” bestowed upon David Moyes is mostly a sarcastic, humorous reference. Few consider him a highly skilled manager, despite benefiting from numerous favorable referee decisions following Sir Alex’s departure. Nevertheless, MU’s performance under Moyes was dismal, and for the first time in over 20 years, they missed out on a top-four finish.

Moyes’ tenure left little impression on the fans, as his approach to matches often seemed lackluster. His ill-advised choices led him to be swiftly dismissed after just over half a season in charge, despite having a relatively strong squad at his disposal.


It’s hard to imagine the truth that Ten Hag currently has a better record than Sir Alex Ferguson, especially in the context of MU’s current poor form and lifeless style of play. However, the facts speak for themselves: Ten Hag is the manager with the highest winning percentage in MU’s history, surpassing the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho. Perhaps Ten Hag needs to improve in terms of gameplay and managing the dressing room. Stay updated with the latest football news on our blog section.

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