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Sandra Garal Biography

Sandra Garal, a remarkable individual, has made a name for herself through her achievements, personal relationships, and influence. This article dives into Sandra Garal’s biography, shedding light on her family, career, and active presence on social media platforms.

Everything About Sandra Garal Biography

Let’s explore the world of Sandra Garal and discover everything there is to know about her biography. From her real name to her profession, we’ll cover it all.

Sandra Garal Information
Credit: Sandra Garal’s Instagram

  • Full Name: Sandra Garal
  • Profession: Architect

Date of Birth and Personal Info

To understand Sandra Garal’s life story, it’s important to know her personal details:

  • Date of Birth: May 6, 1994
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark
  • Birth Place: Spain
  • Nationality: Spanish

Sandra Garal’s Parents and Early Life

Sandra Garal was born in Spain on May 6, 1994. Although she doesn’t speak much about her family and upbringing, her parents played a significant role in her formative years. Raised in a loving and supportive environment, Sandra cherished her family’s privacy and ensured that media attention didn’t interfere with their lives.

Sandra Garal Career

Sandra Garal’s biography wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her career. Before pursuing architecture in Madrid, Sandra worked as a waiter to support herself financially. Her determination and hard work enabled her to earn enough to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

Sandra Garal Career
Credit: Sandra Garal’s Instagram

Currently, Sandra doesn’t hold a job in a company. However, her qualifications and degree in design make her a desirable candidate in the job market. At present, she is a dedicated housewife, managing all household chores while supporting her husband, Marco Asensio, both on and off the field.

Sandra Garal’s Husband and Relationships

Sandra Garal met her husband, Marco Asensio, in 2019 while she was working as a waitress. Their shared interests and undeniable chemistry brought them closer, ultimately resulting in a deep bond and love for each other.

Sandra Garal’s Husband and Relationships
Credit: Sandra Garal’s Instagram

After three years of dating, the couple tied the knot in a grand celebration in Spain on July 7, 2023. They currently reside in Paris, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Sandra and Marco’s relationship serves as an inspiration to their fans, demonstrating the power of love and support amidst fame and success. While they haven’t had children yet, they continue to build their lives together, embracing the new experiences that come their way.

Sandra Garal Lifestyle

A notable aspect of Sandra Garal’s biography is her impressive lifestyle. She effortlessly manages her job, her relationship with Marco Asensio, and her social media presence. Widely recognized for her remarkable fashion sense, Sandra’s style choices consistently make a statement, whether she’s attending a glamorous event or simply enjoying a casual day out.

Sandra Garal Lifestyle
Credit: Sandra Garal’s Instagram

Sandra Garal Social Media

Sandra has a substantial following on Instagram, boasting around 400K fans and growing. Her attractive pictures, showcasing her impeccable style and life alongside her husband, resonate with her audience. Sandra’s Instagram feed is a testament to her great sense of style and captivating personality.

Sandra Garal Social Media
Credit: Sandra Garal’s Instagram

Sandra Garal Net Worth

It’s estimated that Sandra has a net worth of €55 million, reflecting her husband Marco Asensio’s wealth. Despite being a housewife without any known sources of income, Sandra possesses significant assets, businesses, or alternative avenues for generating wealth. Marco Asensio’s move from Real Madrid to PSG in 2023 further contributes to their combined wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Marco Asensio?
    Marco Asensio is a professional football player who has played for Real Madrid and PSG. He is also Sandra Garal’s husband.

  • What is Sandra Garal’s profession?
    Sandra Garal is an architect.

  • Where was Sandra Garal born?
    Sandra Garal was born in Spain.

  • How many followers does Sandra Garal have on Instagram?
    Sandra Garal has approximately 400K followers on Instagram.

  • What is Sandra Garal’s net worth?
    Sandra Garal is estimated to have a net worth of €55 million.


Sandra Garal’s biography showcases her achievements, personal life, and influence in the world of architecture and beyond. From her early career as a waiter to her current role as a devoted housewife, Sandra has carved her own path while supporting her husband, Marco Asensio. Her impeccable style and social media presence have captivated fans worldwide, solidifying her status as a prominent figure.