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Huamark Indoor Stadium: The Premier Indoor Stadium in Southeast Asia

Huamark Indoor Stadium

Huamark Indoor Stadium is one of the leading multi-purpose stadiums in Thailand. With its large capacity, modern design, and numerous amenities, it is an ideal venue for hosting major sports and entertainment events. Many international football, basketball, and futsal tournaments have been held here, making it a hub for sports enthusiasts.

The Home Stadium of Bangkok United Football Club

Huamark Indoor Stadium, also known as Hua Mark Indoor Stadium, is the home stadium of Bangkok United Football Club. This stadium is primarily used for football matches and other indoor sporting events.

Overview of Huamark Stadium

Huamark Indoor Stadium is one of Thailand’s international standard indoor stadiums. With its modern design and state-of-the-art facilities, it is often used for football matches, music events, exhibitions, and other entertainment activities.

  • Area: Approximately 20,000 m².
  • Materials: Wooden flooring with rubber coating, concrete and steel stands.
  • Coordinates: 13°44’45.4″N 100°38’12.8″E.
  • Year built: 1997.
  • Architects: Taisei Corporation (Japan) and Tandem Architects (Thailand).
  • Capacity: Approximately 6,000 spectators.
  • Facilities: Indoor football pitch, changing rooms and restrooms, hospitality area, sports merchandise store, and other amenities.
  • Standard Goal Size: International Standard.

History of Huamark Indoor Stadium

Huamark Stadium

Huamark Indoor Stadium (Hua Mark Indoor Stadium) was built in 1997 in the Bang Kapi district of Bangkok, Thailand. It was constructed by Thai Obayashi Corp. Ltd. and designed by Taisei Corporation (Japan) and Tandem Architects (Thailand).

Throughout its history, Huamark Stadium has hosted several significant events, including the AFF Cup (ASEAN Football Championship), international football matches, and music events. Additionally, it serves as the home stadium of Bangkok United Football Club.

In 2007, Huamark Indoor Stadium underwent renovations and improvements to meet the increasing demands of indoor sports and entertainment events. It continues to be one of the most popular indoor stadiums in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Tournaments Held at Huamark Stadium

Huamark Stadium has hosted various important sports tournaments. Despite offering tickets at affordable prices, similar to the price of tickets at My Dinh Stadium. Here are some of the tournaments held at this venue:

  • AFF Cup (ASEAN Football Championship): Huamark Indoor Stadium is one of the preferred venues for hosting football matches during the AFF Cup. The matches held here often attract a large number of spectators from the region.
  • AFC Futsal Championship: Huamark Indoor Stadium is also one of the host venues for the AFC Futsal Championship, the most prestigious futsal tournament in Asia.
  • ASEAN Basketball League: In addition to football, the stadium has also welcomed important basketball matches as part of the ASEAN Basketball League.
  • Music and Entertainment Events: Huamark Indoor Stadium is a popular venue for hosting music events, exhibitions, and other entertainment activities. Renowned artists such as Westlife, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Coldplay have performed here.

Crucial Tournaments at Huamark Stadium

The stadium also serves as the home ground for Bangkok United Football Club and has witnessed many important matches in the club’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Huamark Indoor Stadium:

  1. What is the capacity of Huamark Indoor Stadium?

    • The stadium has a capacity of approximately 6,000 spectators.
  2. When was Huamark Indoor Stadium built?

    • The stadium was built in 1997.
  3. Which football club uses Huamark Indoor Stadium as their home ground?

    • Bangkok United Football Club is the home club of Huamark Indoor Stadium.
  4. Which important tournaments have been held at Huamark Stadium?

    • Some of the key tournaments hosted at the stadium include the AFF Cup, AFC Futsal Championship, and ASEAN Basketball League.


Huamark Indoor Stadium is a significant sports venue in Thailand and Southeast Asia. With its modern architecture and large capacity, the stadium not only caters to sporting events but also serves as an ideal location for music and entertainment events. To learn more about Huamark, visit Zerobertooficial.