Tuesday, 28 May 2024

Ryan Fisher: Football Agent

Ryan Fisher, the founder of Total Football Group, is revolutionizing the role of a football agent through his innovative use of data and analytics. With a background in Australian real estate, Fisher brings a unique approach to the industry, focusing on facts and providing a positive impact on the game. In this article, we dive into Fisher’s journey and learn more about his goals for Total Football Group.

An Unconventional Path

Fisher’s journey into football comes from a love for the game and a desire to make a difference. Born in England and raised in Australia, Fisher dreamt of becoming a footballer but realized early on that the opportunities were limited. He left school at 15 and pursued a career in cooking, eventually becoming a qualified chef. This experience taught him valuable skills and a strong work ethic that he would later transfer to his business life.

From Real Estate to Football

After working in the real estate market in Australia, Fisher achieved significant success, selling high-profile properties and transacting millions of dollars worth of real estate. However, despite this success, he felt that something was missing in his life. At the age of 25, Fisher decided to pursue his passion for football and travel Europe while learning about the industry he loved. This journey led him to meet with clubs, build a vast network, and gain valuable insights into the world of football.

A New Way of Working

Armed with his experiences and a deep understanding of the industry, Fisher founded Total Football Group. His vision was to create a different approach to player representation, focusing on the player’s development and prioritizing their interests. Rather than targeting young players, Fisher believes in leaving them to develop their skills until they reach a level where representation is necessary. He also took a unique approach to building relationships with clubs, using his real estate background to connect with key decision-makers.

The Power of Data and Analytics

Embracing the use of data and analytics in football, Fisher recognized their increasing importance in every aspect of the game. He partnered with a data and analytics company in London, becoming the first agent they worked with. Fisher believes that understanding data and analytics is crucial for a football agent to maximize the negotiation of players’ commercial outcomes and their development. He predicts that in a few years, not being fluent in this language could hinder success in the industry.

Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Total Football Group has clear objectives for the future. Fisher aims to represent a select number of high-quality players and provide post-career security to ensure their well-being beyond their playing days. He also continues to educate himself in data and analytics, recognizing its importance in the evolving football landscape. In the long term, Fisher envisions Total Football Group becoming a well-respected company, representing some of the biggest names in the game and brokering significant deals while reinvesting profits into grassroots football.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Total Football Group’s approach to player representation?

A: Total Football Group believes in quality over quantity, representing a select number of players and providing personalized attention to their careers. Fisher aims to prioritize the players’ interests and ensure their post-career security.

Q: How does data and analytics play a role in Total Football Group’s operations?

A: Data and analytics are a crucial part of Total Football Group’s approach. Fisher believes that understanding and utilizing data and analytics are essential for maximizing players’ commercial outcomes and development.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the football industry and the role of a football agent?

A: The pandemic has had a significant impact on football economically, affecting player values and creating challenges in the transfer market. It has also restricted travel and face-to-face meetings, making it more difficult for agents to conduct business.


Ryan Fisher’s journey from Australian real estate to football agent showcases his passion for the game and his drive to make a positive impact on the industry. Through Total Football Group, Fisher is revolutionizing player representation, emphasizing the importance of data and analytics, and focusing on long-term player development. With ambitious goals for the future, Fisher aims to represent some of the biggest players, broker significant deals, and leave a lasting impact on the game he loves.

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