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Ri con: What Does It Mean in Football?

If you’re a football enthusiast, you may have come across some unfamiliar terms on football forums, such as “mnsd,” “culi,” “phan dao,” and especially “ri con.” What exactly does “ri con” mean in football, and why has this term become so popular since 2022? Let’s find out on the Zerobertooficial website.

What Does the Term “Ri con” Mean in Football?

Ronaldo, or CR7, is undoubtedly the most popular football player in the world, making him the target of countless fanatics. Some of these overly passionate fans are even willing to attack other players to prove that their idol is the best.

These fanatics go to great lengths to create mocking videos, spread false information, and even belittle and irritate other fans. This is where the term “ri con” comes into play.

Ri con
Ri con: What does it mean? Why is it so commonly used?

Is “Ri cha ri con” Related to Richard Ricon?

No, “Richard Ricon” is not the same as “ri cha ri con.” Richard Ricon is a humorous nickname used to tease Richarlison, a player from Tottenham Hotspur known for his comedic antics and mediocre football skills. In contrast, “ri con” refers to a negative group of football fans who have little understanding of the game but frequently engage in conflicts with fans of other players.

Richard Ricon

To put it simply, “ri con” is similar to “cu li” and represents a group of negative football fans who lack knowledge about the sport but frequently cause trouble within the fan community.

What Are the Negative Behaviors of “Ri Con”?

The negative behaviors of “ri con” Ronaldo on Facebook include:

  • Misrepresentation: In their attempts to idolize Ronaldo, “ri con” fans often create fake quotes and statements attributed to famous players to praise Ronaldo or belittle other players, especially Lionel Messi.

  • Disparaging Images: Despite being the second-best player in the world, “ri con” fans refuse to accept that their idol is ranked below Messi. They often create insulting images, such as “Goat bóng đá,” to degrade players who are better than Ronaldo.

  • Insulting Former Managers and Teams: Ronaldo’s selfish personality often leads him to clash with his former teams and managers. To defend their idol, “ri con” fans frequently resort to insulting and criticizing these teams, their players, and their former managers, such as Manchester United and Eric Ten Hag.

  • Inventing Stories to Praise Ronaldo: When unable to find genuine praise for their idol, “ri con” fans resort to fabricating incredible stories. Some of these include claims that Ronaldo donated $8 million to Nepal earthquake victims or turned his hotel into a free hospital for COVID patients. These false stories have even spawned the meme, “tin chuẩn chưa anh.”

Ricon nhét chữ
Ricon misrepresents quotes to praise Ronaldo.

Why Is Ronaldo Hated? Is It Because of “Ri Con”?

It is often said that “you reap what you sow.” Being the idol of a “ri con” community, Ronaldo cannot be seen as a humble and modest person. While no one can deny that CR7 is the greatest legend in the history of football, his personality and behavior have made many people dislike him.

In addition to the toxic adoration of “ri con” fans, Ronaldo’s arrogant and egoistic nature, simulation, and unsportsmanlike conduct have further fueled the hatred towards him. His actions on and off the field have left a bitter taste in the mouths of many fans.

Ronaldo’s Controversial Actions

Some of Ronaldo’s controversial actions that have contributed to the growing dislike towards him include:

  • Assaulting Curtis Jones: During a match against Liverpool in October 2021, which Manchester United lost 0-5, Ronaldo, in his typical bitter manner, sought to retaliate by pushing Curtis Jones and delivering three kicks to his abdomen.

  • Throwing Away the Captain’s Armband: Ronaldo disrespected the national team by throwing away the captain’s armband three times, despite his explanation that it was for charity. This act alienated many Portuguese fans and turned them against him.

  • Smashing a Young Everton Fan’s Phone: In another match where Manchester United lost, Ronaldo, frustrated and injured, callously smashed the phone of a young Everton fan who was trying to take his picture. This incident drew condemnation, especially since the fan had a fear of crowds. Ronaldo offered a half-hearted apology through a public statement, lacking sincerity.

  • Simulation and Denying Teammates’ Goals at the World Cup: While some may defend Ronaldo’s simulation by claiming it’s for the sake of the team, there is no denying that he is one of the most notorious divers in the history of football. His selfishness was also evident when he denied Bruno Fernandes’ goal at the 2022 World Cup.

Ronaldo is known for his provocative behavior.
Ronaldo is known for his provocative behavior.

It’s safe to say that Ronaldo’s actions, both on and off the field, have tarnished his image. However, it’s his arrogant attitude, obsession with winning, and constant display of unsportsmanlike behavior that have further fueled the hatred towards him.

The Most Memorable “Ri Con” Statements

The “ri con” community, being passionate but lacking knowledge about football, often makes incredibly amusing statements. Especially during the 2022 World Cup, when Messi won his 8th Ballon d’Or and the FIFA Best Player award, “ri con” fans continuously launched an onslaught of hilarious statements to insult Messi.

Some of the most memorable “ri con” statements include:

  • “Messi is talented, while CR7 is talented because of training”: No player becomes a legend without training. Many players train their whole lives and still fail to reach Ronaldo’s level because they lack the talent he possesses.

  • “Ronaldo is better than Messi”: In all personal statistics, team honors, and individual awards, Messi outshines Ronaldo. Most experts and players agree that Messi is the superior player. However, Ronaldo and his fans refuse to accept this reality.

  • “Messi bought the Ballon d’Or; the awards are unfair”: Though frequently made on football forums, “ri con” fans fail to provide any evidence to support their claims and quickly shift their attention to requesting fairness for other players like Halland and Van Dijk.

  • “Ronaldo is straightforward and true to himself”: Despite Ronaldo’s numerous negative behaviors, such as simulation, violence, arrogance, and mocking other teams or players, “ri con” fans view these actions as “straightforward” and “true” because they contribute to the team’s victory.

Just like any famous figure, Ronaldo has a fan community that consists of both uncultured and overly passionate fans. Through this article, we hope to answer the question of what “ri con” means and provide interesting information about Ronaldo and his fanatical fan base.

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Ronaldo’s popularity has given rise to a unique fan community known as “ri con.” While their passion is undeniable, their lack of knowledge in football and negative behaviors have generated animosity towards both Ronaldo and his fan base. As fans, it’s essential to appreciate and admire our favorite players without resorting to toxic behavior. Let’s celebrate the beauty of football and focus on the sport itself, rather than engaging in unnecessary conflicts. Remember to visit the official Zerobertooficial website for more insightful content.