Pre-Wired Home Alarms Are Much Safer Than a Wireless Home Security Systems

Kelly C. Gamble

Many consumers who are in the market for a complete home security system often wonder if a pre- wired alarm is better/ safer than a wireless system. Many security companies would most likely insist that wireless alarms are just as good as pre- wired systems because they are motivated to cut corners and save on costs. However the real answer is yes. Pre- wired alarms are much safer than those that use only wireless equipment. There are many selfish reasons why so many security “experts” would have the world to believe that a wireless alarm system is just as safe as a pre-wired alarm however, there is really only one reason why they are all wrong.

A wireless alarm system has one fatal flaw. The brains of the system are combined together within a single touch pad that is either connected through a phone line or through a cellular device. This same touchpad is powered by being plugged into a wall outlet. This means that all an intruder has to do to get past the alarm is to enter the home, locate the wireless panel and either tear the unit off the wall or unplug the phone line/ disconnect the cellular device. Many security companies claim that their wireless touch pads have the ability to sense when the phone line has been disconnected. While this may be true to an extent, this signal is received eventually over time and usually doesn’t alert a monitoring center of any emergency. In reality, the wireless touchpad is not always communicating with the monitoring center and in the event that it is ripped off the wall or disconnected from the phone line/ cellular device, the chance of the situation being realized by the security monitoring center is very unlikely.

A wireless alarm system does indeed help in some degree to deter intruders from breaking into a home yet it in no way rivals the level of protection provided by a pre- wired home security system. The reason for this is simple. A pre- wired home security system’s brain is in a different location than the alarm touch pad. This simply means that if a criminal penetrates a home and tears off a touch pad, this will not disable the system. The count down will continue and by the time the intruder gets to the main panel of the system the alarm by then will have sounded and the monitoring center will have received the alarm signal and will take the appropriate action.
In conclusion, a pre- wired alarm system is much more effective than a wireless system. Even the best of wireless brands do not provide the level of protection afforded by a wired home security system. If you have a low budget, a wireless system may be your best option because it does offer a certain level of protection however if you are able to spend a little more money be sure to purchase a home with wiring for a security system or you will be doing yourself a disservice.

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