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Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Biography

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

Known for his strong defense, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg has established himself as one of the key players for Tottenham Hotspur. This article provides a comprehensive biography of Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, including his early life, playing style, football career, personal life, and honors.

Everything to know about Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

This article delves deep into the life and career of Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, providing you with all the essential information.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Information

  • Full Name: Pierre-Emile Kordt Højbjerg
  • Nickname: Højbjerg
  • Profession: Football Player

Physical Stats

  • Height: 187 cm (6ft 2 in)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Weight: 84 kg

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: August 5, 1995
  • Birth Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Nationality: Danish

Football Information

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Professional Debut: 2013
  • Jersey Number: 5

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Early life

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Early life

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg was born on August 5, 1995, in Copenhagen, Denmark. He grew up in the Osterbro district of Copenhagen alongside his two older and younger brothers. Højbjerg’s passion for football started at a young age, with his older brother teaching him how to play when he was just five years old. He quickly fell in love with the sport and began attending the same neighborhood training club as his brother. Zinedine Zidane was his role model during his formative years.

However, Højbjerg’s life took a difficult turn when his father passed away from stomach cancer in April 2014.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Profile

According to Pierre-Emile Højbjerg’s biography, he is a midfielder who currently plays for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League and the Danish National Team. Known for his physical strength and Danish temperament, Højbjerg excels in defensive play.

Before joining Tottenham Hotspur, Højbjerg played for several Danish clubs, including BK Skjold, Kjøbenhavns Boldklub, and Brøndby IF. He also had stints at top clubs like Bayern Munich, FC Augsburg, and Southampton.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Football Career

Højbjerg’s football career has been filled with remarkable achievements and experiences. Let’s take a closer look at his journey.

Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Højbjerg’s talent gained recognition at a young age, leading him to sign with Bayern Munich at the age of 16. He made his professional debut for Bayern Munich on April 13, 2013, at the age of 17, becoming the youngest player ever to play for the club in the Bundesliga. He had a successful spell at Bayern Munich, winning the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal titles.



Højbjerg joined Southampton in 2016, signing a five-year contract. He quickly became an integral part of the team and was named the captain by manager Ralph Hasenhüttl. During his time at Southampton, Højbjerg made over 100 appearances for the club.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur

In August 2020, Højbjerg made a move to Tottenham Hotspur, signing a five-year contract. He made an immediate impact at the club, earning praise for his strong defensive performances. Højbjerg’s versatility and leadership qualities have made him an indispensable part of José Mourinho’s squad. In the 2020-21 season, he made the most appearances in the Premier League, playing 3420 minutes.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg International career

Danish National Team

Born to a Danish father and a French mother, Højbjerg had the option to choose between playing for Denmark or France. He decided to represent the Danish National Team. He has been a part of various international tournaments and has made significant contributions to the team’s success. Højbjerg’s performance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup earned him the title of Denmark’s Male Football Player of the Year.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Playing Style

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Playing Style

Højbjerg’s playing style is characterized by his ability to drop into different positions to receive the ball and initiate attacks. He is a key player in Tottenham Hotspur’s defensive-to-attack transition, often leading the team in touches per game. Højbjerg is known for his strong defensive skills, successful tackles, and calmness in high-pressure situations. Additionally, he is an excellent passer of the ball, contributing to goals and assists.

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Honors

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Honors

Throughout his career, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg has achieved numerous honors and awards. He has won domestic titles with Bayern Munich and has been recognized for his individual performances. Some of his notable honors include:

  • Bundesliga titles (2012-13, 2013-14) with Bayern Munich
  • DFB-Pokal title (2013-14) with Bayern Munich
  • UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament (2020)
  • Danish Football Player of the Year (2022)

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Personal Life

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg Personal Life

Off the field, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is a family man. He got married to Josephine Siw Nielsen on December 7, 2019. The couple has two children, a daughter named Rosa and a son named Theo. Højbjerg often shares pictures of his family on Instagram.

In conclusion, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg’s journey from his early life to becoming an integral part of Tottenham Hotspur and the Danish National Team is a testament to his talent and determination. His strong defensive skills, leadership qualities, and notable achievements make him a valuable asset to any team.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was Pierre-Emile Højbjerg born?

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg was born on August 5, 1995.

2. Which clubs has Pierre-Emile Højbjerg played for?

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg has played for clubs like Bayern Munich, Southampton, and currently Tottenham Hotspur.

3. What is Pierre-Emile Højbjerg’s playing style?

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is known for his strong defense, physical strength, and excellent passing ability.

4. Has Pierre-Emile Højbjerg won any individual awards?

Yes, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg has been named Danish Football Player of the Year in 2022. He has also received other individual honors throughout his career.

5. How many appearances has Pierre-Emile Højbjerg made for the Danish National Team?

Pierre-Emile Højbjerg has made 67 appearances for the Danish National Team.


Pierre-Emile Højbjerg’s biography is a story of perseverance and success. From his early life in Copenhagen to his impressive career at top clubs, Højbjerg has proven himself to be a talented and influential player. His strong defensive skills, versatility, and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset for both Tottenham Hotspur and the Danish National Team. With numerous honors and achievements to his name, Højbjerg continues to make a significant impact in the world of football. For more information about Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, visit Zerobertooficial.