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Orkun Kökcü: The Rising Star of Football

Orkun Kökcü Biography

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the life and career of Orkun Kökcü, the talented young midfielder who has captured the attention of football enthusiasts across Europe. From his early days as a youth player in the Netherlands to his rise to stardom at Sporting CP in Portugal and with the Turkey national team, Kökcü’s journey is a remarkable one.

Orkun Kökcü: A Rising Star

Orkun Kökcü is regarded as one of the most promising young footballers in Europe. Playing as an attacking midfielder for Sporting CP in Portugal and the Turkey national team, he has gained a reputation for his creativity, vision, and technical skills on the pitch. With comparisons to top players like Kevin De Bruyne and Mesut Özil, Kökcü’s potential knows no bounds.

Early Life and Youth Career

Orkun Kökcü Biography
Credit: Noordhollands Dagblad

Born on December 29, 2000, in Haarlem, Netherlands, to Turkish parents of Azerbaijani origin, Orkun Kökcü discovered his passion for football at a young age. He honed his skills in local clubs such as Olympia Haarlem and HFC EDO before joining FC Groningen’s youth academy in 2011. His exceptional talent and potential earned him a move to Feyenoord, where he continued to develop as one of the best prospects in their academy.

Profile and International Career

In this section, we’ll explore Orkun Kökcü’s profile and his international career. Kökcü is a Turkish footballer who plays as a midfielder for Benfica and the Turkey national team. Known for his creativity, vision, and technical skills, Kökcü switched his international allegiance from the Netherlands to Turkey in 2019. He joined Benfica in 2023, becoming one of the most promising young players in Europe.

Football Career


Orkun Kökcü Biography
Credit: Liverpool Core

Kökcü’s professional career started at Feyenoord, where he made his senior debut in 2018. He quickly established himself as a key player, contributing goals and assists to his team’s success. In the 2022-23 season, Kökcü led Feyenoord to the Eredivisie title, becoming the club’s captain and top scorer. With impressive performances in domestic and European competitions, Kökcü solidified his reputation as one of the best midfielders in the league.


Orkun Kökcü Biography
Credit: SL Benfica

Continuing his football journey, Kökcü made a record-breaking move to Benfica in 2023. The transfer fee of €25 million, with potential add-ons of €5 million, made him the most expensive signing in Primeira Liga history. His arrival at Benfica further solidified his status as a rising star in European football.

International Success

Orkun Kökcü Biography
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At the international level, Kökcü has represented Turkey with great success. He made his debut in 2020 and quickly established himself as a key player in the team. Kökcü contributed to Turkey’s successful campaign in the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification, scoring goals and providing crucial assists. With his talent and dedication, Kökcü is poised to continue making an impact on the international stage.

Player Reception and Playing Style

Orkun Kökcü Biography

Orkun Kökcü has earned praise from football legends and coaches alike for his exceptional skills and performances. Arne Slot, Feyenoord manager, describes him as a complete player with valuable qualities. Steven Gerrard, Rangers manager, hails him as one of the best young midfielders in Europe, while Arjen Robben sees a bit of himself in Kökcü. Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Kökcü’s Turkey teammate, recognizes his importance to the team, and Mesut Özil commends his brilliance and flair.

Kökcü’s playing style is characterized by flair, creativity, and versatility. He possesses excellent passing ability, ranging from short, precise passes to long, accurate ones. His dribbling skills and agility make him a formidable opponent for defenders. Additionally, his powerful shooting enables him to score from various positions on the pitch.

Honors and Achievements

Orkun Kökcü Biography

Throughout his career, Kökcü has achieved numerous honors and accolades. At the club level, he helped Feyenoord secure the Dutch Super Cup and the KNVB Cup. In the 2022-23 season, he captained Feyenoord to the Eredivisie title. In terms of individual recognition, Kökcü was named one of the 50 most promising young players in world football by The Guardian. He received nominations for the Golden Boy Award and was voted the Eredivisie Player of the Year in 2023.

Personal Life

Orkun Kökcü Biography
Credit: A Stamford Bridge Too Far

Off the pitch, Orkun Kökcü keeps his personal life private. Born in the Netherlands to Turkish and Azerbaijani parents, he remains focused on his career and maintains a humble and hard-working attitude. As of 2023, he is reportedly single and prefers to keep his relationship status away from the media.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Orkun Kökcü?
    Orkun Kökcü is a talented young midfielder who currently plays for Sporting CP in Portugal and the Turkey national team. Known for his creativity, vision, and technical skills, he is considered one of the most promising players in Europe.

  2. What are Orkun Kökcü’s achievements?
    Kökcü has achieved several honors and accolades throughout his career. He has won domestic cup competitions, been named Eredivisie Player of the Year, and received nominations for prestigious awards like the Golden Boy.

  3. Which clubs has Orkun Kökcü played for?
    Kökcü started his professional career at Feyenoord in the Netherlands before making a record-breaking move to Benfica in Portugal.

  4. What is Orkun Kökcü’s playing style?
    Kökcü has a versatile playing style characterized by flair, creativity, and technical ability. He excels in passing, dribbling, and shooting, making him a formidable presence on the pitch.

  5. What is Orkun Kökcü’s international career like?
    Kökcü represents the Turkey national team and has played a crucial role in their successful campaigns. He has scored goals and provided assists in important matches, contributing to Turkey’s qualification for the FIFA World Cup.


Orkun Kökcü’s journey from a talented youth player to a star midfielder is a testament to his skill, determination, and passion for the game. With his creativity, vision, and technical prowess, he is set to make a lasting impact on the world of football. As Kökcü continues to rise, his fans eagerly anticipate his future achievements on both the club and international stage.

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