Wednesday, 12 Jun 2024

Monique Choudhuri: Board Member, Brentford FC

With a strong background in consultancy, Monique Choudhuri has made significant contributions to the football industry. Her work for statistical analysis company Smartodds led to her current position as a board member for Brentford FC. As Board Champion for diversity and inclusion and Board Sponsor for leadership and organizational development, Monique is driving positive change within the football industry.

How did Monique start working in the football industry?

Monique’s journey in the football industry began around seven years ago. As a leadership consultant, she was invited to tender for a project with Smartodds, a statistical analysis business owned by Matthew Benham, who also owns Brentford FC. Impressed by her expertise, the Chair of Brentford introduced her to the club. Monique’s initial engagement with Brentford was as an external consultant, providing leadership training, management support, and consultancy services. Her involvement grew over time, and she eventually joined the Brentford board as a non-executive director, focusing on diversity and inclusion, as well as leadership and organizational development.

Monique’s Impact and Involvement in the Football Industry

Monique’s work extends beyond her role at Brentford FC. She has formed relationships with several partners within the football industry, including Kick it Out, FSA, Women in Football, and Sporting Equals. Her commitment to achieving equality within the football industry has led to her involvement in various initiatives and projects.

One notable project was a Women in Football event organized by Brentford FC for International Women’s Day. The event aimed to increase female participation in football and received positive feedback from attendees. Monique has also been engaged in addressing racism and discrimination, facilitating EDI regional forums, and exploring new ways to engage and develop underrepresented groups.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Football Industry

Despite her success, Monique has faced challenges as a woman in a male-dominated industry. She emphasizes the need for more inclusive practices and equal representation within football. Monique believes that disability, sexuality, and gender equality are areas that require more attention in the football industry. She advocates for increased support for disabled individuals, creating safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, and promoting women’s football.

Monique envisions a football industry that embraces diversity and inclusivity at all levels, including the boardroom. She encourages aspiring professionals to pursue their passion for football while considering the specific roles and areas within the industry that interest them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What advice would Monique give to individuals hoping to pursue a career in the football industry?

A: Monique advises aspiring professionals to determine their motivations for entering the football industry and to identify their unique skills and contributions. It is essential to understand the different career paths available, both on and off the pitch, and to align with the areas that interest them the most.

Q: Where does Monique see her football career in the future?

A: Monique hopes to see her business succeed in driving diversity and inclusivity within organizations. She also aims to continue advancing her board roles, potentially becoming the first female chair of a board in football. Her ultimate goal is to shape the agenda for achieving equality in football.


Monique Choudhuri’s journey in the football industry exemplifies the power of expertise, passion, and dedication. As a board member for Brentford FC, she has made significant contributions in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and leadership development. Monique’s work extends beyond Brentford FC, as she actively participates in initiatives that promote equality within the football industry. Her story and achievements inspire others to pursue their passions in the football industry while striving for greater inclusivity and diversity.