Mistakes That Are Common During Concrete Column Formwork

Formwork is a type of moulding that is given to concrete with an aim to give the desired shape. Technically termed as working of concrete. The professionals remove the formwork only after the concrete poured into the formwork is all set. The installation of formwork is a highly technical thing and needs precision in all respects. This is one of the prime reasons why it is always advised to hire the best in the market when it comes to Concrete Column Formwork Related works.

The following are some of the crucial aspects that need considerations during formwork installation:

  • It should be able to handle or bear the load and stress of the concrete
  • The pouring of the concrete is followed by a compaction process and hence, it should be able to withstand the vibration
  • Dead load

When all the above parameters or factors are considered and taken into account unfailingly, then it leads to the best concrete column formwork that would stand the test of time.

However, there are instances when some of the elements are either overlooked or not given importance during formwork installation. The absence of these leads to accidents and a huge loss. It is, therefore, suggested to have proper project management and implementation plans that would include the testing of the structure and the implementation thereof.

The following blog highlights some of the areas that can be detrimental if ignored:

  1. Design Consideration:

Design plays a crucial role in load-bearing. It needs to be kept in mind that not all designs are meant for any type of load. Therefore, it is recommended to assess the design type that would go perfectly with the load. Safety of all needs to be given priority at any construction site. According to the experts associated with the concrete column formwork installation, basic and simple designs should always be preferred. These design structures have perks in terms of quick erection and smooth dismantling (if required).

  1. Erecting the Formwork:

Formwork structures or frames are heavy and hence, need to be handled with care. Safety guidelines followed at the construction sites regarding formwork handling recommend the person not to hurry while installing. This guarantees stability to the concrete column formwork apart from ensuring the safety of life.

The following are some of the tips on how safe handling of the formwork can be done:

  • While erecting the Concrete Wall Formwork frames, proper measures related to edge protection should be present.
  • To add to the security and safety of all stakeholder and passers-by, containment screens around the formwork can be installed. It would avoid the objects falling outside the formwork.

Other Common Mistakes:

Apart from the above-mentioned mistakes, the following are some others that creep into the concrete column formwork erection:-

  • Improper pouring of the concrete
  • Formwork frame support are placed in unstable ground
  • Improper stripping of the formwork


Civil works are filled with dangers. However, these can be averted by following safety measures and proper procedures. Concrete column formwork frame erection takes into account a lot of expertise and precision to avert any type of accidents or mishaps.