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Merle Frohms: A Rising Star in Women’s Soccer

Merle Frohms has taken the world of women’s soccer by storm. Born on January 28, 1995, in Celle, Germany, Frohms has established herself as a talented goalkeeper, catching the attention of fans and professionals alike. She currently plays for the Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg, where she has made a significant impact since July 2022.

In this article, we will delve into the life of Merle Frohms, exploring her journey, accomplishments, and the challenges she has overcome. Join us as we uncover the story of this inspiring athlete and celebrate her achievements.

Merle Frohms – A Closer Look

Before we dive into the details of Merle Frohms’ biography, let’s get to know some important facts about her life:

  • Full Name: Merle Frohms
  • Nickname: Merle
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Social Handle: @merlefrohms

Now that we have a glimpse of who Merle Frohms is, let’s continue exploring her fascinating journey.

Family & Early Life

Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding Merle Frohms’ family background and upbringing. However, what we do know is that she was raised in Celle and began her football journey playing alongside her older brother. Despite initial challenges and facing derogatory remarks, Frohms fearlessly competed against boys in her district league. Her undeniable talent and determination led to a significant turning point in late 2010.


Breaking Barriers: Signing with VfL Wolfsburg

Despite facing discrimination and gender-based challenges, Frohms’ remarkable talent did not go unnoticed. In late 2010, she signed with VfL Wolfsburg, marking a significant milestone in her football career. This move catapulted her into the professional realm, where she continues to showcase her abilities.

Thriving Amidst Dual Commitments: A Holistic Perspective

Merle Frohms’ success extends beyond the football pitch. Balancing a thriving football career with military service and educational advocacy, she embodies a holistic approach to life. This remarkable dedication to various commitments showcases her resilience, dedication, and pursuit of excellence in every aspect of her life.

Educational Advocacy: A Sponsor for Change

On June 15, 2023, Frohms assumed a significant role in the School without Racism – School with Courage network by sponsoring Hölty-Gymnasium Celle, the very institution where she pursued her education until the 10th grade. Through this initiative, Frohms actively fosters inclusive and supportive environments within educational institutions, championing a cause close to her heart.



Merle Frohms, born in Celle on January 28, 1995, stands out as a prominent German soccer goalkeeper. Her remarkable skills have earned her a contract with the Bundesliga powerhouse, VfL Wolfsburg, since July 2022. With an innate ability to command the goal and an impressive track record, Merle is a key player contributing to her team’s success in one of the most competitive soccer leagues. As she continues to demonstrate agility, dedication, and expertise on the field, Merle Frohms remains a standout talent in women’s soccer.

Football Career

Let’s take a closer look at Merle Frohms’ football career and explore her achievements:

Early Beginnings and Debut with VfL Wolfsburg

Merle Frohms started her journey with Fortuna Celle but quickly moved to VfL Wolfsburg in 2011. Although she was part of the first division squad in 2011/12, her debut came on December 9, 2012, in a 3-0 victory against FSV Gütersloh 2009.

Triumphant Treble in the 2012/13 Season

The 2012/13 season was particularly special for Frohms. Wolfsburg, led by her exceptional goalkeeping skills, won the German championship, DFB Cup, and the Champions League, all in 2013.

Champions League Success and Move to SC Freiburg

In the 2013/14 season, Frohms played for Wolfsburg’s second team in the 2nd Bundesliga North. Although she wasn’t the starting goalkeeper, she contributed to the team’s success, including winning the Champions League again in May 2014. Later, she moved to SC Freiburg, where she became the first-choice goalkeeper for the 2018/19 season.

Stint with Eintracht Frankfurt and Homecoming to VfL Wolfsburg

From 2020 to 2021, Frohms played for Eintracht Frankfurt, signing a contract until 2023. However, on February 25, 2022, she excitedly announced her return to VfL Wolfsburg. She signed a three-year contract, extending until June 30, 2025, marking a significant homecoming to the club where her journey began.

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International Career

Merle Frohms’ talent extends to the international stage, representing her country with pride. Let’s take a closer look at her performance for Germany’s national teams:

DFB Youth Teams Adventure (2010-2013)

Frohms started playing for Germany’s youth teams in 2010. One of her most significant moments came in 2012 at the U17 European Championship, where she saved two French penalties, helping Germany win the championship. That same year, she played in the U17 World Cup, reaching the semi-finals.

U19 European Championships and Progress (2013)

Moving up, Frohms qualified for the U19 European Championships in Wales in 2013. She played two games and helped the team reach the semi-finals.

U20 World Cup Victory (2014)

In March 2014, Frohms played her first game for the U20 national team in Spain. This led to her participation in the U20 World Cup in Canada from August 5 to 24, 2014. She played a crucial role in the final against Nigeria, and Germany emerged victorious, becoming world champions.

Senior National Team Start (2018-2019)

Another significant turning point in Merle Frohms’ career happened in 2018 when she joined the senior national team. Her first game came on October 6, 2018, in a friendly against Austria, where she helped the team secure a 3-1 victory in Essen.

Big Tournaments and European Finalist (2019-2022)

Frohms continued her journey with the national team, participating in the 2019 World Cup and serving as the third goalkeeper. She then played a crucial role in the 2022 European Championships, where Germany reached the final but lost to England, finishing as the European runner-up. Frohms played in all six games.

Playing Style

Merle Frohms possesses an outstanding playing style that has propelled her to fame. Let’s take a closer look at the qualities that make her a standout goalkeeper:

  • Exceptional shot-stopping abilities, utilizing quick reflexes and precise positioning
  • Strategic decision-making, knowing when to challenge attackers and when to hold her ground
  • Effective communication skills, fostering a cohesive defensive unit
  • Proficiency in distribution, contributing to the team’s build-up play
  • Fearless and commanding in one-on-one situations
  • Secure catching and handling, coupled with a strong physical presence
  • Unwavering concentration and adaptability
  • Leadership qualities, contributing to the team’s defensive solidity and overall success


Awards & Honors

Merle Frohms’ remarkable talent has earned her numerous awards and honors throughout her career. Here are a few notable achievements:

VfL Wolfsburg

  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: 2012-13, 2013-14
  • Frauen-Bundesliga: 2012-13, 2013-14, 2016-17, 2017-18
  • DFB Pokal: 2012-13, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18


  • UEFA Women’s Championship runner-up: 2022

U20 – Germany

  • FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup: 2014

U17 – Germany

  • UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship: 2012


Outside Professional Life

Although there is limited information available about Merle Frohms’ personal life, it’s important to note that she holds the esteemed rank of corporal in the Bundeswehr, showcasing her commitment to serving her country. This dual dedication exemplifies her multifaceted and disciplined approach to life.

In conclusion, Merle Frohms’ journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes worldwide. Her story demonstrates that success knows no boundaries and can be achieved through dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to making a positive impact both on and off the field. As she continues to thrive in her various roles, Frohms leaves a lasting legacy for the next generation of athletes to emulate.

Nowadays, beauty and body shape often determine the attractiveness of individuals, but Merle Frohms has defied stereotypes and reached unparalleled success in a field traditionally seen as male-dominated. We wish her and all female soccer players the best in their future endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Merle Frohms’ nationality?
Merle Frohms is German.

2. What position does Merle Frohms play?
Merle Frohms is a goalkeeper.

3. Which clubs has Merle Frohms played for?
Merle Frohms has played for Fortuna Celle, VfL Wolfsburg, SC Freiburg, and Eintracht Frankfurt.

4. What are Merle Frohms’ notable achievements?
Merle Frohms has won the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Frauen-Bundesliga, and DFB Pokal with VfL Wolfsburg. She also won the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup and the UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship with the German national teams.

5. What is Merle Frohms’ playing style?
Merle Frohms’ playing style is characterized by exceptional shot-stopping abilities, strategic decision-making, effective communication skills, proficiency in distribution, fearlessness in one-on-one situations, secure catching and handling, unwavering concentration, and adaptability.


Merle Frohms is a rising star in women’s soccer, with a remarkable talent that has propelled her to great heights. From her early beginnings to signing with VfL Wolfsburg, she has overcome challenges and exhibited an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey in both club and international football is a testament to her skills and determination.

Off the pitch, Frohms contributes to educational advocacy and serves her country with pride. Her holistic approach to life and dedication to making a positive impact make her an inspiring role model for aspiring athletes.

As Merle Frohms continues to make waves in the world of women’s soccer, her legacy will inspire future generations to reach for their dreams and challenge stereotypes. We wish her continued success in all her endeavors.

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