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Marvin Johnson: A Legend and Coach of Luton Town FC

Marvin Johnson, an ex-professional football player, dedicated his entire playing career to Luton Town FC. After 15 successful years as a player, he transitioned into coaching and spent another 7 years with the club. Now, coaching soccer in the USA, Marvin shares his fascinating journey with Sascha, covering everything from his time at Luton Town and his bond with the fans to his new life in America. This interview provides a unique insight into the life of an ex-player who has experienced all the highs and lows of a football club, and a coach with a genuine passion for helping players achieve their dreams of gaining sports scholarships to top colleges.

Marvin’s Journey with Luton Town FC

Marvin Johnson’s journey with Luton Town FC began when he joined the club’s youth team while still in school. He trained once a week and was eventually offered an apprenticeship, marking the start of his professional career. Johnson’s dedication and focus propelled him to have a remarkable career with the club. In total, he spent 22 years with Luton Town FC, 15 as a player and 7 as a coach. Johnson’s loyalty and commitment to the club are rare in the football world, and his insights into his playing career and final game as a defender for Luton Town FC are truly captivating.

Johnson’s Coaching Experience

Johnson’s transition to coaching was a natural progression for his career. He had already obtained his coaching licenses while still playing, and his familiarity with the club and the staff made his coaching role even more fulfilling. He cherished the opportunity to work with young players in the academy, drawing on his own experiences to guide and inspire them. Johnson’s love for coaching is evident in the way he interacts with his players and his commitment to their development both on and off the field.

Relationship with Luton Town Supporters

Johnson’s enthusiasm and dedication on the pitch made him a popular player among Luton Town supporters. Fans appreciated his work ethic and the effort he put into every game. Despite facing occasional criticism, Johnson always gave his all and received the support of the majority of the Luton Town faithful. The bond between Johnson and the fans is evident in the chants they created for him, including the famous “Marvin for England” chant. Johnson remains grateful for the immense support he received throughout his career and continues to engage with supporters on social media.

Coaching in the USA and New Projects

Currently, Johnson coaches soccer in the USA, specifically in the “Travel Soccer” system, where boys and girls focus on gaining a sports scholarship to a top school. Johnson finds this approach rewarding as he helps players not only improve their skills but also pursue education through sports. In addition to coaching, Johnson co-hosts the “My Best Eleven” podcast with Andrew McMellon. The podcast provides a platform for guests to share their best eleven experiences in an informal and entertaining manner. Johnson’s involvement in various projects within football has been driven by his passion for the game and the opportunities that have come his way.

Working with Female Players and Dealing with Parents

In America, Johnson primarily coaches girls’ teams, as girls tend to stay in soccer longer than boys. Coaching girls has given Johnson a chance to guide them on their journey and help them develop both athletically and academically. However, he has had to adapt his coaching style to accommodate the different emotional responses from female players compared to male players. Johnson emphasizes building a rapport with his players and providing individual feedback to foster their growth. He also navigates the challenges of dealing with opinionated parents, who can be highly involved in their child’s sporting journey.

Career Highlights and Future Ambitions

Reflecting on his career, Johnson highlights the pride he feels for having played in the old English First Division and the opportunity to compete at top grounds like Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford. Although he didn’t win major trophies, he cherishes the memories and experiences he gained throughout his career. As for his future ambitions, Johnson aims to continue coaching and making a positive impact on players’ lives. He also expresses an interest in writing a book and even having his own TV show, showcasing his humorous and spontaneous nature.


Marvin Johnson’s journey as a player and coach at Luton Town FC is a testament to his dedication and love for the game. His experiences on and off the field have shaped him into a knowledgeable and passionate coach, committed to developing young players. Johnson’s transition to coaching in the USA has allowed him to make a difference in players’ lives by emphasizing both athletic and academic growth. His involvement in various projects, such as the “My Best Eleven” podcast, showcases his desire to continue contributing to the football industry. Marvin Johnson’s story is one that inspires and resonates with football enthusiasts around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What made Marvin Johnson’s playing career at Luton Town FC unique?
    Marvin Johnson spent his entire playing career with Luton Town FC, which is a rarity in modern football. His loyalty and commitment to the club for 15 years have made him a legend among Luton Town supporters.

  2. How did Marvin Johnson find his coaching experience with Luton Town?
    Marvin Johnson thoroughly enjoyed his coaching experience with Luton Town. His background as a former player and his familiarity with the club’s staff and players helped him establish a strong rapport with the academy players.

  3. What was Marvin Johnson’s relationship with Luton Town supporters like?
    Marvin Johnson was a popular player among Luton Town supporters. His enthusiasm, work ethic, and dedication on the pitch earned him the admiration of the fans. Johnson appreciates the support he received from the Luton Town faithful.

  4. What other projects is Marvin Johnson involved in?
    Apart from coaching, Marvin Johnson co-hosts the “My Best Eleven” podcast with Andrew McMellon. The podcast provides a platform for guests to share their best eleven experiences and has been well-received by listeners.

  5. How has coaching in the USA been different for Marvin Johnson?
    Coaching in the USA has presented a difference in emphasis, with a focus on gaining sports scholarships to top schools. Johnson has adapted his coaching style to meet the needs of his players and has found the experience rewarding, both athletically and academically.


Marvin Johnson’s story is a testament to his devotion to Luton Town FC and his passion for coaching. From his playing career to his coaching endeavors, Johnson has left a lasting impact on the club and the players he has worked with. His experiences and insights provide valuable lessons for aspiring players and professionals in the football industry. Marvin Johnson continues to make a positive impact on the game, both in the USA and through his involvement in various projects.