Lumen8 Presents The Q-BIC Range

The Q-BIC Range from Lumen8 is motivated by the inherent attractiveness and honesty of precision engineering.

Variety is dictated by functionality resulting in a minimalist no-frills structure with crisp clean strains that give these protect plates the edge. Toggle levers and countersunk screws more enrich the industrial aesthetic.

The Q-BIC vary defines ultramodern. Finishes that articulate the architectural style of the long run. Consulting with Lumen8 to acquire a steady style and design throughout, customized for every single venture.

The Q-BIC array is subsequently finished with sharp edging during in a series of distinct metals. This includes copper and brass or even stainless steel and aluminium that can be powder coated to different colours.

Blue LED pilot lights can be applied for indications, engraved labels that are processed using computerised numerical managed machinery, toggles set via a lathe to give the remaining brushed brass end and exposed screws are just a handful of of the extra capabilities this assortment can be complemented with.

Moreover, this modern and minimalist look is by significantly the most well known of the ranges among architects.

Obtain the newest Q-BIC variety now readily available from Lumen8. In this article a group of experts develop bespoke switchgear to compliment all architectural kinds from French Provincial to City Modern.

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