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Lina Meyer Biography

Lina Meyer, the wife of famed football star Joshua Kimmich, is not just the partner of a football superstar but also a former professional volleyball athlete who represented Germany. In this article, we will explore the captivating journey of Lina Meyer’s life, from her early career in volleyball to her current role as a wife and mother. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Lina Meyer’s biography.

Everything About Lina Meyer Biography

Before we delve into the details, let’s get an overview of Lina Meyer’s biography. From her real name to her profession as a former professional volleyball player, we will uncover interesting facts about Lina Meyer’s life.

Lina Meyer Information
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

  • Full Name: Lina Meyer or Anna Sharypova
  • Profession: Former Professional Volleyball player

Lina Meyer’s journey in the world of volleyball holds many captivating stories. Let’s explore her life step by step.

Lina Meyer’s Family and Early Life

Lina Meyer’s Family and Early Life
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

Lina Meyer was born on May 23, 1992, in Rottweil, Germany. Although there is little information available about her family and childhood, one thing stands out—her early passion for volleyball.

  • Parents: Lina’s father, Bastian Meyer, works in the field of software engineering, while her mother, Christina Meyer, is a civil lawyer. Unfortunately, there is limited information about her family history and early years.

Lina’s dedication to both academics and sports shone through during her high school years. After completing her education, she pursued a legal degree at university. Despite her commitment to volleyball, she had to reduce her playing time after becoming pregnant.

Lina Meyer’s Career

Lina Meyer Career
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

Lina Meyer’s career in volleyball is worth mentioning. She reached national competitions, showcasing her skills as a disciplined athlete who dedicated countless hours to practice, refine technical skills, develop strategic intelligence, and maintain peak physical health.

Volleyball, with its quickness, power, and collaborative nature, shaped Lina into a strong and dynamic player. She likely followed a rigorous routine of training drills, team formations, opponent analysis, and national competitions.

Lina may have also become a volleyball ambassador, engaging in community outreach, and inspiring young players through clinics and training camps. However, after becoming pregnant, she decided to put her sports career on hold.

Lina Meyer’s Husband and Relationships

Lina Meyer’s Husband and Relationships
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich have been in a committed relationship since 2013. Their journey started when Kimmich was still a member of RB Leipzig. In 2022, they tied the knot in a private ceremony.

When Kimmich moved to Bayern Munich, Lina joined him in 2017 after completing her studies. They built a life together and welcomed their first child, a baby boy, in June 2019. The following year, they were blessed with a daughter. Currently, the family resides in Germany.

Lina Meyer’s Lifestyle

Lina Meyer Lifestyle
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

Lina Meyer’s lifestyle has seen a shift since becoming a mother. She now focuses on taking care of her two children and managing the Kimmich household. Despite stepping away from her volleyball career, her athleticism and love for sports remain unchanged.

Kimmich’s love for football has also influenced Lina’s life. She often visits the Allianz Arena to cheer on her spouse and enjoy the beautiful game. Her role as a mother and her children’s needs have taken priority, leading her to reconsider her path as a professional volleyball player.

Lina Meyer actively participated in the “We Kick Corona” campaign, initiated by Joshua Kimmich and his colleague Leon Goretzka during the COVID-19 outbreak. This campaign aimed to support humanitarian, social, and medical groups during these difficult times.

Lina Meyer’s Social Media

Lina Meyer Social Media
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

Lina Meyer has gained popularity as the wife of footballer Joshua Kimmich, amassing more than 45,000 followers on Instagram as of December 2023. Her feed reflects her love for travel, adventure, and a healthy lifestyle, inspired by her former career as a volleyball player and her association with football.

Though there aren’t many photos of family gatherings, the Kimmich family maintains a low profile, possibly to avoid unwanted attention.

Lina Meyer’s Net Worth

Lina Meyer Net Worth
Credit: Lina Meyer Instagram

Lina Meyer’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. As a former professional volleyball player, most of her earnings come from her successful career in the sport. There have been rumors that she worked in finance after completing her master’s degree in commerce.

On the other hand, her husband Joshua Kimmich is considered one of the most talented midfielders of his generation, with a net worth of $41.5 million. His various assets, investments, and football career contribute to his wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lina Meyer’s profession?
A: Lina Meyer is a former professional volleyball player.

Q: How did Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich meet?
A: Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich met when she was a law student working at the fan store of his team, RB Leipzig.

Q: How many children do Lina Meyer and Joshua Kimmich have?
A: Lina and Joshua have two children, a son born in 2019, and a daughter born the following year.

Q: What is Lina Meyer’s net worth?
A: Lina Meyer’s net worth is approximately $1 million.


Lina Meyer’s journey from being a professional volleyball player to becoming the wife of Joshua Kimmich is truly inspiring. She has embraced her role as a mother and maintains a healthy lifestyle while supporting her husband’s football career. Lina’s accomplishments and dedication to both sports and family life make her an admirable figure. Keep an eye on her social media accounts to stay updated with her enchanting journey.

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