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Lazio History – All about the Club

Let’s delve into the rich history of one of the biggest football clubs in Italy, Lazio. As one of the two major clubs in Rome, along with AS Roma, Lazio has established itself as a powerhouse in Italian football. Situated at the Stadio Olimpico in the north of the city, Lazio has a storied past filled with triumphs and challenges.

Lazio History

Founded on January 9, 1900, Lazio has been a mainstay in Serie A, the top level of Italian football, for many years. Last season, the club secured the runner-up position in the league for the seventh time in their history. Under the guidance of manager Maurizio Sarri, Lazio is now looking to build on their success and make their mark in the Champions League this season.

Lazio History
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Throughout its 123-year history, Lazio has experienced numerous ups and downs. In this article, we will explore the key moments and achievements that have shaped the club into what it is today.

Lazio Information

Lazio History
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Here is some important information about Lazio:

  • Full Name: Societa Sportiva Lazio
  • Nicknames: Biancocelesti – Le Aquile – The Eagles
  • Year of Formation: 1900
  • Place of Origin: Rome, Italy
  • Home Stadium: Stadio Olimpico
  • Owner: Claudio Lotito
  • Chairman: Claudio Lotito
  • Manager: Maurizio Sarri
  • League: Serie A
  • Market Value: €285m

The White and Sky Blues Throughout History

Lazio History
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Over the years, Lazio has spent 94 seasons in the top tier of Italian football, with 11 seasons in the second tier. They have also made appearances in various European competitions, including the UEFA Cup, UEFA Europa League, and Champions League.

During the late ’90s and early 2000s, Lazio experienced their golden era. Under the guidance of manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, the club won a Serie A title, two runner-up finishes, and reached two major European finals. The team boasted an array of talented players such as Pavel Nedved, Christian Vieri, Alessandro Nesta, and many more.

Throughout Lazio’s history, several players have left an indelible mark on the club. Some of the greatest players to have donned the Lazio jersey include Silvio Piola, Giorgio Chinaglia, Giuseppe Signori, Alessandro Nesta, Ciro Immobile, and many others.

Lazio Managers History

Eriksson Mancini
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Lazio has been fortunate to have had some esteemed managers in its history, including Fulvio Bernardini, Dino Zoff, Zdenek Zeman, Roberto Mancini, and Simone Inzaghi. However, the most successful manager in Lazio’s history is undoubtedly Sven-Goran Eriksson. Under Eriksson’s leadership, Lazio achieved remarkable success, winning multiple major trophies, including the Serie A title and the UEFA Super Cup.

Currently, Maurizio Sarri is at the helm of Lazio. Since his appointment in 2021, Sarri has revitalized the team, leading them to a top-two finish in the league after more than two decades.

Lazio Stadiums

Stadio Olimpico
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Lazio has called the Stadio Olimpico home for many years. Sharing the stadium with AS Roma, the Olimpico is one of the most iconic and largest football stadiums in the world. It has hosted historic matches such as the 1990 World Cup final, the 1984 European Cup final, and the 2009 Champions League final.

With a seating capacity of over 70,000, the Olimpico provides an electrifying atmosphere for matches. In addition to hosting home games for both Lazio and Roma, the stadium is also the venue for Coppa Italia finals.

Lazio Rivalries History

Lazio Rivalries History
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Lazio’s most fierce rivalry is with AS Roma, their cross-city rivals. The Derby della Capitale, as the match between Lazio and Roma is known, is one of the most intense and passionate derbies in world football. Throughout their 180 meetings, Roma has secured 67 victories, Lazio has won 50 times, and 63 matches have ended in draws.

Logo and Kit

Lazio Logo History

Throughout Lazio’s history, the club has sported white and sky blue shirts. The primary color of the Lazio jersey has typically been sky blue, while the away kit has varied in colors such as grey, navy blue, yellow, green, or orange throughout different seasons.

Regarding the Lazio logo, it has remained largely unchanged for over two decades. The logo includes the iconic eagle and the club’s signature sky blue and white colors.

Lazio in the European Competitions

Lazio History
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Lazio has participated in various European competitions, including the Champions League, UEFA Cup/Europa League, and UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. In the Champions League, Lazio has made six appearances, with their best performance being a quarter-final finish in the 1999-2000 season.

In the UEFA Cup/Europa League, Lazio has made nineteen appearances, reaching the final in the 1997-98 season, where they were runners-up. However, they did win the European Cup Winners’ Cup in the following season, defeating Mallorca in the final.

Lazio Honors

Lazio History
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Lazio boasts an impressive collection of silverware throughout its history. The club’s honors include:

  • 2 Serie A titles
  • 7 Serie A runners-up
  • 7 Coppa Italia titles
  • 3 Coppa Italia runners-up
  • 5 Supercoppa Italiana titles
  • 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup title
  • 1 UEFA Cup runner-up
  • 1 UEFA Super Cup title

Lazio’s rich history and passionate fanbase make it a club that embodies the true spirit of Italian football.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the questions and answers below are for reference only and not part of the original article.

Q: Who are Lazio’s biggest rivals?
A: Lazio’s biggest rival is AS Roma, with whom they have a fierce rivalry known as the Derby della Capitale.

Q: Who is Lazio’s top scorer of all time?
A: Ciro Immobile is Lazio’s all-time leading goalscorer, having scored 162 goals for the club.

Q: Who is the most successful manager in Lazio’s history?
A: Sven-Goran Eriksson is the most successful manager in Lazio’s history, winning seven major trophies during his tenure.

Q: Where does Lazio play their home matches?
A: Lazio plays their home matches at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, which they share with AS Roma.

Q: What are Lazio’s team colors?
A: Lazio’s team colors are white and sky blue.


Lazio’s history is filled with remarkable achievements, legendary players, and passionate rivalries. From their successes in Serie A to their memorable European campaigns, Lazio has firmly established itself as one of the powerhouse clubs in Italian football. With a dedicated fanbase and a rich history spanning over a century, Lazio continues to leave an indelible mark in the world of football.

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