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Lauren Alexandra Popp Biography

Lauren Alexandra Popp’s life story is one of perseverance and determination. A football player for VfL Wolfsburg and the German national team, Popp has established herself as one of the top female football players of her generation. Born on April 6, 1991, in Witten, Germany, Popp has not only achieved numerous notable honors and competitions on the field but also made a positive impact off the pitch.

Popp’s journey in football began at a young age, where she quickly gained a reputation as a gifted and versatile player. Her incredible success record and dedication to the sport have earned her the title of one of the greatest female footballers in the world. Let’s dive deeper into Lauren Alexandra Popp’s biography, exploring her upbringing, personality, and career.

Alexandra Popp Information

  • Full Name: Alexandra Popp
  • Nickname: None commonly used
  • Profession: Professional footballer

Physical Stats

  • Height: 174 cm (5’9”)
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: April 6, 1991
  • Birth Place: Witten, Germany
  • Nationality: German

Football Information

  • Position: Forward
  • Professional Debut: 2007
  • Jersey Number: 11

Alexandra Popp Early Life

Born on April 6, 1991, in Witten, Germany, Alexandra Popp’s early years were marked by her natural talent and passion for football. Growing up in a sporting household with a mother who played handball and a father who was a former football player, Popp had a knack for the game from an early age. She started playing in neighborhood groups and eventually joined the TSG Sprockhövel youth program at the age of 11. Popp’s family played an important role in her life and football career.

Recognized for her skills, Popp was scouted by the women’s football team FCR 2001 Duisburg when she was 14 years old. To further pursue her football career, she moved away from her parent’s house and enrolled in a sports high school in Duisburg. Popp’s involvement in various sports during her youth, including handball, basketball, and athletics, demonstrated her passion for football and laid the foundation for her success as a professional football player.

Alexandra Popp Profile

Alexandra Popp is a German professional footballer who plays as a forward for VfL Wolfsburg and the German national team. Standing at 5’9″ tall, Popp is renowned for her athleticism, finesse in the air, and clinical finishing. Her successful professional career began with FCR 2001 Duisburg before joining VfL Wolfsburg in 2012. Since then, she has won multiple national and international championships, earning her a place among the top female footballers in the world.

Alexandra Popp Football Career – 1. FFC Recklinghausen

Popp started her senior football career in 2007 with 1. FFC Recklinghausen, a team located in her native North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. She spent one season with the club before transferring to FCR 2001 Duisburg’s senior team the following season. Popp’s impressive performances at 1. FFC Recklinghausen caught the attention of higher-level clubs, leading to her eventual transfer to FCR 2001 Duisburg.

FCR 2001 Duisburg

Popp’s debut with FCR 2001 Duisburg in 2008 marked the beginning of her impressive career. During her rookie campaign, she contributed to the team’s advancement to the Women’s Champions League final of the UEFA Women’s Cup, where they narrowly missed out on the title. Popp continued to excel in the following seasons, scoring significant goals and helping the team achieve success both domestically and internationally.

While playing for FCR 2001 Duisburg, Popp earned two DFB-Pokal championships and reached the UEFA Women’s Cup final twice. In 2009, she received the Fritz Walter Medal as the finest German female youth player, and in 2011, she was awarded the prestigious Silbernes Lorbeerblatt for her outstanding achievements. Popp’s accomplishments with FCR 2001 Duisburg set the stage for her move to VfL Wolfsburg in 2012.

VfL Wolfsburg

Popp’s tenure with VfL Wolfsburg, which began in 2012, has been marked by outstanding performances and contributions to the team. Her versatility on the field, combined with her physical power, technical skill, and goal-scoring proficiency, have made her an invaluable asset to the club. Popp has achieved great success with Wolfsburg, winning multiple national and international championships, including two UEFA Women’s Champions League titles, six DFB-Pokal medals, and five Bundesliga titles.

Alexandra Popp’s International Career

Since 2010, Popp has been a consistent member of the German national team, representing her country in various international competitions. She has competed in three FIFA Women’s World Cups (2011, 2015, and 2019) and several UEFA Women’s Championships (2013, 2017, 2019, and 2022). Popp’s contributions on the international stage have played a significant role in Germany’s success, including reaching the quarterfinals in multiple World Cups and winning the European championship in 2013 and 2022.

Alexandra Popp’s Playing Style

Popp’s versatility and exceptional playing style set her apart on the field. Known for her physicality, technical skills, and goal-scoring prowess, she can play as a forward or a midfielder. Her ability to score goals from various positions and circumstances, combined with her speed, agility, and proficiency in dribbling, make her a formidable threat. Popp’s height and leaping ability also make her a dangerous target for crosses and set pieces. Additionally, she contributes to the team both defensively and offensively, winning tackles, intercepting passes, and setting up her teammates for goals.

Alexandra Popp Reception

Alexandra Popp is widely recognized and respected in women’s football. Her many achievements and positive impact on the sport have earned her international acclaim. Popp’s knowledge, leadership, and sportsmanship have garnered praise from the media and the public.

As an advocate for gender equality in sports, Popp has used her platform to speak out against injustice and discrimination. She has participated in initiatives to increase the visibility of female athletes and inspire young girls and women to pursue their athletic dreams. Popp’s success on the field has made her a role model for aspiring female footballers, motivating them to work hard and achieve their own goals.

Alexandra Popp’s Legacy

Alexandra Popp’s impact and legacy in women’s football are significant. Her exceptional success as a club and international player, coupled with her contributions to the sport, have elevated women’s football to new heights. Popp’s achievements have inspired young players to chase their dreams and work hard to succeed. Her excellence, leadership, and commitment to advancing the sport will continue to serve as an example for future players and fans.

Alexandra Popp’s Honors

Alexandra Popp’s exceptional skills and success as a football player are reflected in her numerous honors and awards. Throughout her career, she has achieved the following:

Club honors:

  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: Winner (2013, 2014)
  • Bundesliga: Winner (2013, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2019)
  • DFB-Pokal: Winner (2009, 2010, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

International honors:

  • UEFA Women’s Championship: Winner (2013)
  • Algarve Cup: Winner (2012, 2014)

Individual honors:

  • UEFA Women’s Champions Team of the Tournament (2022)
  • German Footballer of the Year (2014)
  • Fritz Walter Medal Silver (2009)

These accolades reflect Popp’s exceptional talent and enduring impact on women’s football.

Alexandra Popp Outside Professional Life

Beyond her achievements on the football field, Lauren Alexandra Popp’s biography showcases her commitment to making a positive impact. Popp is known for her charitable activities and advocacy for gender equality in sports. She has participated in programs aimed at helping underprivileged children and promoting education through sports.

Popp serves as an ambassador for the “Education for Refugee Children” initiative, advocating for increased support and education for children affected by the global refugee crisis. She also supports gender equality in sports and has been involved in campaigns to empower female athletes and inspire young girls to participate in sports.

Popp’s dedication to philanthropy and gender equality outside of her career exemplifies her desire to make a positive difference in the world. She is widely regarded as a role model and an inspiration for young people, earning immense respect and appreciation for her advocacy and activism.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Alexandra Popp’s full name?
    • Alexandra Popp’s full name is Alexandra Popp.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s nickname?
    • She does not commonly use a nickname.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s profession?
    • Alexandra Popp is a professional footballer.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s height?
    • Alexandra Popp stands at 174 cm (5’9″) tall.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s eye color?
    • Alexandra Popp has blue eyes.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s hair color?
    • Alexandra Popp has blonde hair.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s weight?
    • Alexandra Popp weighs 65 kg (143 lbs).
  • When was Alexandra Popp born?
    • Alexandra Popp was born on April 6, 1991.
  • Where was Alexandra Popp born?
    • Alexandra Popp was born in Witten, Germany.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s nationality?
    • Alexandra Popp is German.
  • What position does Alexandra Popp play?
    • Alexandra Popp plays as a forward.
  • When did Alexandra Popp make her professional debut?
    • Alexandra Popp made her professional debut in 2007.
  • What is Alexandra Popp’s jersey number?
    • Alexandra Popp wears the jersey number 11.


Alexandra Popp’s biography reveals a remarkable journey of perseverance, dedication, and success in women’s football. From her early beginnings in Witten, Germany, to becoming one of the greatest female football players of her generation, Popp’s impact on the sport is undeniable. Her versatility, athleticism, and goal-scoring prowess have earned her numerous honors and accolades both at the club and international level.

Beyond her achievements on the football field, Popp’s commitment to making a positive impact is evident through her philanthropic endeavors and advocacy for gender equality in sports. She serves as an inspiration for aspiring footballers, empowering them to chase their dreams and work towards achieving greatness.

Alexandra Popp’s legacy in women’s football will continue to inspire future generations, solidifying her status as one of the all-time greats in the sport. To learn more about Alexandra Popp and stay updated with her latest news and achievements, visit the Zerobertooficial website.