Known-Unknown Facts about Ants and Ant infestation

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There are more than 1000+ species of ants found around the globe. Ants are found to be the primary pest infecting our homes and surrounding in the past few years. It becomes harder to control the infestation of ants near Brisbane. If they are found in a small quantity, you can easily handle them, but it is more difficult when it comes in abundance. In that case the only thing you can do is to search “ant specialist near me.”

Before moving towards and get ant control Brisbane for eradication of ants, let us understand ants’ behaviour and how they spread and call more other ants to their respective places.

Ants in Detail

  • Ants leave a pheromone, which attracts other ants to follow the specific path.
  • Ants would live in the colonies’ manner if you tried to destroy one satellite colony; that might not be enough for you to control the ants.
  • The reproductive cycle of ants is very fast, and they lay 1000+ eggs in a day.
  • They can great and gather more than 1000+ ants within just a few minutes.

Are you aware of the types of ants you can encounter, more than 1000+ species, which can be broadly divided into standard and premium ants? You require the best plan and trusting ant treatment specialist Brisbane to deal with various varieties of ants at your place.

Some Interesting Fact

According to the survey, the total weight the humans possess is somewhat equal to the total weight of an ant in the world, with the size range of ¼ to 1/8 inches.

When To Switch For Ant Control Company Brisbane?

Getting few ants in your surrounding is not an issue, but once you encounter more than a few colonies of ant together, making your life more irritating, try contacting ant control company Brisbane. 

We Have Categorized The Problem In The Following Manner

  • When your children can’t play around your house or garden.
  • Ants easily and faster attack food.
  • Home DIY doesn’t seem to work properly.
  • Unable to sit on the lawn without bitten by the ants.

We provide the best treatment for the ants near Brisbane, you can use traps and sprays to destroy a certain amount of ants in Brisbane and their homes, but you require proper treatment by hiring ant treatment specialist Brisbane, because the queen may lay more eggs to create more of its kind, not more than in few days, and then they replicate more and more. All the entry points and colonies nearby you must be treated chemically to provide the complete solution to ants’ problem and their replication.

The Reason Why Should You Choose Us

  • No pre-requisite required; we will take care of everything from start to end.
  • We schedule the meeting according to your free time slot.
  • Our pest control and treatment will provide no staining and odour.
  • Our staff is licensed and helpful.
  • We provide a non-toxic solution.

What Risk You Encounter In The Presence Of Ants?

Despite the small and insignificant size, they are found to be more harmful and can damage you to a significant amount, and sometimes they can cause health issues if the issue is not handled at the right time and with the right approach.

Damage Occurred Due To Small Ants

  • They can spoil the property by destroying the inside cavities of the wall and can make the structure weaker and weaker day by day.
  • Few people are allergic to certain types of ants and their bites; they may cause irritation and burn effect.
  • They can destroy the food item, and leftover can’t be used in future.


Tried doing everything to remove these stubborn ants from your homes and surrounding? Call a professional to deal with your problem. The treatment and control from ants at Brisbane is found necessary because it is found to be the most common problem for the people out there. You can get a quote by calling ant control Brisbane service and can schedule a proper meeting to resolve the problem.