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Kheira Hamraoui: The Inspiring Journey of a Football Star

Kheira Hamraoui biography is about a talented French woman who gained fame in a field that was already considered a BOY League. Get ready to dive into the exciting journey of Kheira Hamraoui, a great midfielder whose story transcends borders and inspires football fans worldwide.

From her humble beginnings at Clairefontaine to conquering European football with FC Barcelona, Hamraoui’s biography is a tale of passion, perseverance, and triumph on the pitch.

Join us as we unravel the exciting chapters of Hamraoui’s career, from her pivotal role in Saint-Étienne’s historic title wins to her national team performance.

Kheira Hamraoui Biography

Everything to Know about Kheira Hamraoui Biography

Before discussing the details of Kheira Hamraoui life story, let’s review important information about her physical stats, social profile, etc.

Kheira Hamraoui Information

  • Full Name: Kheira Hamraoui
  • Nickname: Kheira
  • Profession: Footballer
  • Social Handle: @kheirahamraoui

Physical Stats

  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Weight: 66 kg

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 13 January 1990
  • Birth Place: Croix, France
  • Nationality: French

Football Information

  • Position: Attacking Midfielder
  • Professional Debut: 2006
  • Jersey Number: 10

Kheira Hamraoui Biography: Family & Early Life

Kheira Hamraoui was born in Croix, France, on January 13, 1990. Proud of her Algerian roots, she strongly bonds with her ethnic heritage.

Throughout her journey, Kheira found support from her family, especially her parents, despite initial doubts from some relatives.

Initially, her brothers questioned her dedication to football, viewing it as temporary. However, her determination and success with renowned clubs like PSG, Olympique Lyonnais, and FC Barcelona proved her commitment and talent beyond doubt.

While there isn’t much public information available about Kheira Hamraoui family background and parents, one thing remains clear: Kheira’s journey in football was nurtured by the encouragement and belief of her family.

Their support, alongside her own dedication, propelled her from her early days at Clairefontaine, the esteemed academy for young female French players, to the heights of professional football.


Everything to Know about Kheira Hamraoui life story

Kheira Hamraoui is a seasoned professional footballer renowned for her prowess as a midfielder. With a career spanning various prestigious European clubs, she has left an indelible mark on the sport.

She is a product of Clairefontaine, a famous football academy for female French youth players. Hamraoui’s journey shows dedication and excellence from the grassroots level to the game’s highest points.

In the French Division 1 Féminine, Hamraoui showcased her talent with notable stints at clubs like Hénin-Beaumont, Saint-Étienne, and PSG. Notably, her tenure at Saint-Étienne saw her pivotal contribution to the club’s historic triumph in the 2011 Challenge de France, a testament to her capability to excel under pressure.

Venturing beyond French borders, Hamraoui embarked on a transformative chapter with FC Barcelona, where her impact was profound.

Instrumental in Barcelona’s journey to the UEFA Women’s Champions League semifinals, her skill and determination were evident.

While her club exploits shine brightly, Hamraoui’s international career with the France national team underscores her talent on the world stage.

A veteran of major tournaments like the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Olympics, her contributions have left an indelible mark on the sport, inspiring aspiring footballers worldwide.

Football Career

In this section of Kheira Hamraoui biography, we’ll take a look at her stats in her clubs.

Everything to Know about Kheira Hamraoui stats

Division 1 Féminine

In Division 1 Féminine, Hamraoui played for various clubs, including Hénin-Beaumont, Saint-Étienne, and PSG. Notably, she played a vital role in Saint-Étienne’s 2011 Challenge de France victory.

Move to Lyon

After four years with PSG, Hamraoui joined Lyon in 2016. During her time there, she achieved remarkable success, winning two Champions League titles and two Coupe de France Féminine trophies and clinching the Division 1 Féminine title twice consecutively. However, in June 2018, she expressed her desire to explore opportunities abroad.

2018-21: Barcelona

Leaving Lyon, Hamraoui embarked on a new journey with Barcelona in 2018, marking her first venture outside of France.

Kheira Hamraoui career
Credit: FC Barcelona

In her debut season, she played a crucial role in helping Barcelona reach the UEFA Women’s Champions League semifinals for the first time.

Despite her contributions, she faced a setback in the semifinals when she received a red card, missing the final, where Lyon emerged victorious.

In her final season with Barcelona, she accomplished a historic treble, winning the Primera División, Champions League, and Copa de la Reina.

Departure from Barcelona

Hamraoui bid farewell to Barcelona on 24 June 2021, stating that she had achieved all her goals with the club and was ready for a new adventure.

2021-2023: Return to Paris Saint-Germain

In July 2021, Hamraoui rejoined Paris Saint-Germain, signing a two-year contract.

Her journey with PSG concluded in June 2023 when she left the club as a free agent after her contract expired.

2023: Club America

Later, in 2023, Hamraoui joined Club America for the latter half of the season.

International Career

Kheira championships

In this part of Kheira Hamraoui biography, we will discuss her national apps.

International Debut

Hamraoui’s international journey began in October 2012 when she made her debut for the France national team in a friendly match against England.

Major Tournaments

She represented France in two significant tournaments, the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, showcasing her skills on the global stage.

Recent Years

However, despite her early successes, Hamraoui has not received a call-up to the national team since April 2019.

Unfortunately, this absence from the squad led to her exclusion from the France roster for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Playing Style

Kheira Hamraoui is recognized for her dynamic playing style and versatile skills, contributing significantly to her team’s performance.

Kheira Hamraoui assault

Technical Proficiency

Hamraoui’s prowess lies in her exceptional dribbling ability and close control, which enables her to navigate through tight spaces and bypass defenders effortlessly. She possesses the skill to outmaneuver opponents in one-on-one situations, making her a constant threat in attack.

Passing Prowess

With her commendable passing range and vision, Hamraoui acts as a catalyst for her team’s offensive maneuvers. She excels in creating scoring opportunities for her teammates through precise passes and well-timed through balls, adding a layer of unpredictability to her team’s play.

Tactical Versatility

While primarily deployed as a left midfielder, Hamraoui showcases remarkable adaptability, seamlessly transitioning into roles such as a central attacking midfielder or winger as per her team’s tactical requirements.

Creative Impact

Hamraoui’s creativity extends beyond her dribbling and passing abilities. She demonstrates proficiency in set-piece delivery and crossing, posing significant threats from dead-ball situations and contributing to her team’s offensive arsenal.

Direct Attacking Style

Hamraoui’s playing style is characterized by her directness and assertiveness on the field. She consistently challenges defenders with her willingness to take on opponents, keeping the opposition’s defense under constant pressure and creating goal-scoring opportunities for her team.

Experience and Leadership

With a wealth of experience gained from playing at the highest levels of club and international football, Hamraoui brings invaluable insights and leadership qualities to her team.

Overall, she is known for her ability to lead by example, inspiring and motivating her teammates through her performances and demeanor on the field.

Kheira Hamraoui Biography: Awards & Honors

personal life
Credit: The IG account of Kheira

Let’s summarize Kheira Hamraoui stats and championships:


  • Coupe de France Féminine: 2011

Paris Saint-Germain

  • Coupe de France Féminine: runners-up, 2014


  • Division 1 Féminine: 2016-17, 2017-18
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: 2016-17, 2017-18
  • Coupe de France Féminine: 2017


  • Primera División: 2019-20, 2020-21
  • UEFA Women’s Champions League: 2020-21, runners-up: 2018-19
  • Copa de la Reina: 2020, 2021
  • Supercopa de España Femenina: 2020
  • Copa Catalunya: 2019
  • Cyprus Cup: 2014


  • UEFA Women’s Champions League Squad of the Season: 2019-20

Outside Professional Life

In the last chapter of Kheira Hamraoui biography, we’ll talk about her personal life outside of the pitch.

The Scandal Unfolds

Amidst the turmoil of public scrutiny and media attention, Kheira Hamraoui’s personal life became subject to intense speculation and discussion in November 2021.

Her name became intertwined with the personal affairs of former Barcelona player Eric Abidal, as it was revealed that he had been involved in an extramarital affair with Hamraoui.

The Assault

Kheira Hamraoui Biography

The revelation surfaced during an investigation into a distressing incident where Hamraoui was assaulted in the streets by two masked assailants.

The assailants confronted her about the affair, leading to a harrowing altercation where Hamraoui was attacked with iron bars.

The assault not only brought attention to the dangerous consequences of public exposure but also shed light on the complexities of personal relationships in the public eye.

Legal Repercussions

Subsequently, the fallout from the incident led to significant repercussions for those involved. Hamraoui’s teammate, Aminata Diallo, initially arrested in connection with the assault, faced legal proceedings.

While Diallo was released without charges initially, further investigation led to her re-arrest in September 2022 on charges of serious bodily harm.

Maintaining Privacy

Throughout this tumultuous period, Hamraoui has maintained her dignity and privacy, choosing not to publicly address the details of her personal life beyond what has already been disclosed.

As a free agent in her professional career, she continues navigating the challenges of her personal and public life.

Details about her current romantic partner remain undisclosed, as she understandably seeks to preserve her privacy amid ongoing scrutiny.

While her professional endeavors and social media presence are public, Hamraoui maintains a boundary around her personal relationships, respecting her right to privacy amidst the public gaze.

Social Media Presence

Despite her challenges, Hamraoui remains an influential figure, both on and off the field.

Kheira Hamraoui Biography
Credit: The IG account of Kheira

With a substantial following on social media, including over 597K followers on Instagram, she uses her platform to connect with her fans, sharing personal moments and engaging with brands like Adidas.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Kheira Hamraoui’s journey from her humble beginnings to becoming one of the brightest stars in women’s football is a testament to her passion, dedication, and talent.

Her success with renowned clubs like PSG, Olympique Lyonnais, and FC Barcelona, along with her contributions to the France national team, have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Despite facing personal challenges, Hamraoui remains resilient and continues to inspire aspiring footballers worldwide.

So, join us in celebrating the extraordinary life and career of Kheira Hamraoui, a true role model and a force to be reckoned with on and off the field.

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