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Interesting Facts About N’Golo Kante

N’Golo Kante, the talented midfielder who plays for Chelsea in the Premier League, has captured the hearts of football fans with his exceptional skills and humble personality. In this article, we will delve into some fascinating facts about N’Golo Kante that showcase his journey to success and his impact on the field.

N’Golo Kante: A Unique Background

N’Golo Kante’s upbringing plays a significant role in shaping his character. Born on March 29, 1991, in the suburbs of Paris, Kante hails from a low-income family. These humble beginnings have instilled in him a sense of kindness and humility that are admired by many. Let’s explore some intriguing facts about N’Golo Kante.

N’Golo Kante Information

N'Golo Kante Information
Credit: Eurosport

  • Full Name: N’Golo Kante
  • Nickname: N’Golinho
  • Profession: Football Player

Physical Stats

  • Height: 169 cm
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Weight: 65 kg

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: March 29, 1991
  • Birth Place: Paris, France
  • Nationality: French

Football Information

  • Position: Midfielder
  • Professional Debut: 2013
  • Jersey Number: 7

N’Golo Kante’s Early Life

N'Golo Kante Relationships
Credit: Tribuna

N’Golo Kante’s early life reflects the resilience and determination that have propelled him to success. Born to Malian parents in Paris, he grew up in a crowded area called Rueil Malmaison. At the age of 11, tragedy struck when his father passed away. To support the family, Kante started working as a trash collector, while his mother worked as a cleaner.

The 1998 World Cup, held in France, had a profound impact on Kante. Inspired by the African immigrants who helped France secure victory, he admired players like Thierry Henry and Patrick Viera. This period marked a turning point for French football. Despite his small stature and unassuming playing style, Kante’s talent remained unnoticed by the big teams in Paris.

Through the connections of Suresnes’s president, Kante joined Boulogne’s reserve team in 2010. His hard work and dedication caught the attention of the lower divisions, leading to a signing with Caen, a club in France’s second division. Together, they achieved promotion to Ligue 1, showcasing Kante’s immense potential.

N’Golo Kante’s Relationships

N'Golo Kante Instagram
Credit: N’Golo Kante Instagram

N’Golo Kante’s personal life is intriguing, with his marriage to Jude Littler, who is also the ex-wife of French football player Djibril Cisse, catching the attention of fans and followers. Jude Littler, a private individual with no social media presence, prefers to lead a quiet life at home with their children.

They have three children together, adding to the three children Jude already had from her previous marriage. Cassius Clay Cissé, Prince Kobe Cissé, and Marley Jackson Cissé complete their beautiful family.

Jude Littler is a smart and accomplished individual, having pursued higher education and obtained her degree. Although she is reserved and avoids the limelight, she remains a dedicated and supportive wife to N’Golo Kante.

N’Golo Kante’s Playing Style

N'Golo Kante Football Career
Credit: Sportsbrief

N’Golo Kante is renowned for his relentless energy and exceptional ability to win the ball. As a disciplined and versatile player, he possesses a deep understanding of the game, allowing him to excel in different positions on the field. Primarily a defensive midfielder, Kante is often referred to as a “destroyer” due to his proficiency in disrupting opponents’ play and maintaining defensive solidity.

N’Golo Kante’s Football Career

N'Golo Kante Football Career
Credit: Bleacher Report

N’Golo Kante’s journey in football began in 2013 when he signed with Stade Malherbe de Caen. He played a crucial role in helping the team secure promotion from Ligue 2 to Ligue 1 during the 2013-2014 season. His exceptional performances attracted the attention of top French clubs, including Marseille and Lyon. However, Kante made a life-changing decision to join Leicester City in England.

Leicester City

N'Golo Kante Football Career
Kante’s time at Leicester City marked a fairytale-like chapter in his career. Alongside his friends Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy, he played a pivotal role in Leicester City’s historic 2015-2016 English Championship triumph. Defeating heavyweight teams such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United, Kante and his teammates shocked the football world.


N'Golo Kante Football Career
Credit: N’Golo Kante Instagram

After his success at Leicester City, Kante made a move to Chelsea. He arrived at Stamford Bridge with a Premier League winner’s medal and quickly established himself as an integral part of the team. Kante started 35 out of 38 games during the 2016/17 season, contributing to Chelsea’s second Premier League title triumph.

His exceptional performances led to him being recognized as the first player in Premier League history to win back-to-back titles with two different teams. Kante’s significance to the team became evident when he suffered an injury that kept him out for a month during the 2017-18 season.

In the 2020/21 season, Kante played a vital role in Chelsea’s Champions League success. He was named the man of the match in the final against Manchester City and received praise from critics and experts alike. His remarkable performance even positioned him as a strong contender for the 2021 Ballon d’Or.

N’Golo Kante’s Honors

N'Golo Kante Honors
Credit: beIN Sports

N’Golo Kante’s exceptional skills and contributions to the sport have earned him numerous accolades throughout his career. Let’s take a look at some of the honors he has achieved:

Leicester City

  • Premier League: 2015/16


  • Premier League: 2016/17
  • FA Cup: 2017/18 (runner-up: 2016/17, 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22)
  • UEFA Champions League: 2020/21
  • UEFA Europa League: 2018/19
  • UEFA Super Cup: 2021
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2021
  • EFL Cup (runner-up): 2018/19, 2021/22


  • FIFA World Cup: 2018
  • UEFA European Championship (runner-up): 2016


  • PFA Team of the Year: 2015/16 Premier League, 2016/17 Premier League
  • ESM Team of the Year: 2015/16, 2016/17
  • Leicester City Players’ Player of the Year: 2015/16
  • L’Équipe Team of the Year: 2016, 2017, 2018
  • PFA Players’ Player of the Year: 2016/17
  • Premier League Player of the Season: 2016/17
  • FWA Footballer of the Year: 2016/17
  • Chelsea Players’ Player of the Year: 2016/17
  • Chelsea Player of the Year: 2017/18
  • Trophées UNFP for Best French Player Abroad: 2017, 2018
  • French Player of the Year: 2017
  • FIFA FIFPro World11: 2018, 2021
  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2018
  • UEFA Europa League Squad of the Season: 2018-19
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2020/21
  • UEFA Champions League Midfielder of the Season: 2020/21

N’Golo Kante’s Social Media Presence

N'Golo Kante Instagram
Credit: N’Golo Kante Instagram

N’Golo Kante enjoys a strong presence on social media, with a large following of fans across various platforms. He has 16 million followers on Instagram, 10 million on Facebook, and 1 million on Twitter. These numbers reflect the popularity and adoration he has garnered throughout his career.

N’Golo Kante’s Body Measurements and Net Worth

N'Golo Kante Body Measurements
Credit: N’Golo Kante Instagram

N’Golo Kante possesses a fit and compact physique, standing at 169 cm tall and weighing 65 kg. His distinctive short hairstyle and small stature make him easily recognizable on the pitch.

As a professional football player, Kante earns a substantial income from contracts, salaries, bonuses, and endorsements. According to reports, his net worth is estimated to be around $30.5 million. His exceptional contributions to Chelsea have made him one of the highest-paid players in the club.

Despite his success, Kante maintains a modest and down-to-earth lifestyle. He resides in an apartment in London with his family and drives a Mini Cooper, displaying his disregard for flashy and extravagant possessions.

In conclusion, N’Golo Kante’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the best midfielders in the Premier League is truly remarkable. His exceptional skills, dedication, and humble personality have endeared him to fans around the world. As he continues to make his mark on the footballing world, N’Golo Kante serves as an inspiration to aspiring players and a testament to the power of hard work and determination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some interesting facts about N’Golo Kante’s early life?

A: N’Golo Kante was born in Paris, France, to Malian parents. He grew up in a crowded area called Rueil Malmaison and had to start working at a young age to support his family. Despite facing adversity, Kante’s passion for football led him to pursue his dreams and achieve success on the field.

Q: How did N’Golo Kante’s career progress from Caen to Leicester City and Chelsea?

A: After joining Boulogne’s reserve team, Kante’s impressive performances caught the attention of Caen, a club in France’s second division. He played a crucial role in helping the team secure promotion to Ligue 1. Kante’s talents didn’t go unnoticed, and he made a life-changing move to Leicester City, where he played a pivotal role in their historic Premier League triumph. His success at Leicester City earned him a move to Chelsea, where he has continued to excel and win numerous trophies.

Q: What are some of N’Golo Kante’s honors and achievements?

A: N’Golo Kante has achieved numerous honors and accolades throughout his career. Some of his notable achievements include winning the Premier League with Leicester City and Chelsea, lifting the UEFA Champions League trophy, and being named in various Team of the Year selections. He has also been an instrumental part of the French national team, winning the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and reaching the final of the UEFA European Championship in 2016.

Q: What is N’Golo Kante’s net worth?

A: N’Golo Kante’s net worth is estimated to be around $30.5 million. His success on the field and endorsement deals contribute to his wealth, making him one of the highest-paid players in Chelsea.


N’Golo Kante’s journey from a modest background to becoming one of the best midfielders in the Premier League is a testament to his hard work, talent, and humble nature. His exceptional skills on the field, combined with his admirable personality off the field, have earned him the respect and admiration of fans worldwide. As he continues to make his mark in football, N’Golo Kante remains an inspiration and role model for aspiring players. To stay updated with the latest news and information about N’Golo Kante, visit Zerobertooficial.