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Interesting Facts About Matthijs de Ligt

A few days ago, we prepared an article about Matthijs de Ligt’s biography. After we were done with the article, we found out how many interesting facts about Matthijs de Ligt had been left over. So, we decided to prepare another article with all the facts and stories that we failed to cover in his biography.

Matthijs de Ligt is currently playing for the top German team Bayern Munich. He has found his future in the team and is aiming to achieve higher and much more noble accomplishments in the near future. However, his life outside the pitch is a lot different. We usually only observe a player’s performance on the field and suffice with the information. But there are a lot of interesting facts about Matthijs de Ligt you can learn if you follow him outside the field.

A Complete List of Interesting Facts about Matthijs De Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt
So now, without further ado, let us dive deep into the article of interesting facts about Matthijs de Ligt.

Matthijs De Ligt is a Master Record Breaker!

Matthijs de Ligt
We have given you some statistics proving this player is a record-breaker.

  • De Ligt became the club’s youngest-ever full debut at the age of 17.
  • He became the youngest player to captain Ajax and any team in a UEFA Champions League knockout game at the age of 19.
  • De Ligt also set a record for being the youngest player to play in a European final at the age of 17.

Matthijs De Ligt Was Meant to be a Midfielder

Matthijs de Ligt
One of the unknown facts about Matthijs De Ligt is that he was initially an attacking midfielder. However, his playmaking style was more suited to a defensive position. He was moved to center-back, which he initially didn’t like but later realized it was the right development for his career.

Matthijs De Ligt’s Childhood Idol

Matthijs de Ligt
De Ligt always dreamt of becoming Cristiano Ronaldo. From a young age, he idolized Ronaldo and would impersonate him while playing football with his friends. He even wore a shirt with Ronaldo’s name on it.

Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, Two Great Teachers

Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini
De Ligt had the opportunity to play alongside many great players, including Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini at Juventus. Playing alongside these experienced defenders helped him blend the old-school and new-school approaches to the game.

The Golden Boy

The Golden Boy
De Ligt won the prestigious Golden Boy award in 2018, becoming the first defender to do so. He succeeded Kylian Mbappe and was recognized as the most impressive young player in European leagues.

Matthijs De Ligt’s Lifestyle and Assets

Matthijs de Ligt
Matthijs de Ligt has a composed, determined, serious, intelligent, and joyful attitude in his personal life. He enjoys his alone time, playing video games, and watching movies. He also managed to get his driver’s license, although driving lessons didn’t fit into his training plan.

Matthijs De Ligt’s Net Worth

Matthijs de Ligt
Matthijs de Ligt’s net worth is estimated to be $8.48 million, mainly from his official income and Bayern Munich contracts. He transferred from Juventus to Bayern Munich for an estimated fee of €77 million. His market value is currently €70 million.

Matthijs De Ligt’s Girlfriend

Matthijs de Ligt
Matthijs de Ligt has been dating fellow Dutchwoman Annekee Molenaar since 2018. The couple has been together for a while and is often seen together in public. They have two lovely dogs named Bella and Cara Luna.

Matthijs De Ligt’s Instagram Account

Matthijs de Ligt
Matthijs de Ligt is highly active on Instagram, where he posts pictures of his daily life and activities. He has gained over 5 million followers due to his success at Ajax and Bayern Munich.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Did Matthijs de Ligt break any records?

    • Yes, Matthijs de Ligt broke several records, including becoming the youngest player to captain Ajax and any team in a UEFA Champions League knockout game.
  2. Who is Matthijs de Ligt’s childhood idol?

    • De Ligt’s childhood idol was Cristiano Ronaldo.
  3. How much is Matthijs de Ligt’s net worth?

    • Matthijs de Ligt’s net worth is estimated to be $8.48 million.
  4. Who is Matthijs de Ligt dating?

    • Matthijs de Ligt is dating Annekee Molenaar.


Matthijs de Ligt is not only an exceptional player on the field but also an intriguing personality off the field. His record-breaking achievements, transition from midfielder to center-back, admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo, and successful career and personal life make him an interesting figure in the world of football.

We hope you enjoyed learning these interesting facts about Matthijs de Ligt. If you have any additional questions or facts to share, let us know!