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Imani Dorsey: A Trailblazing Talent

In the world of women’s soccer, few names resonate as deeply as Imani Dorsey. Her remarkable journey from a rookie attacker to a commanding defender has captivated fans and earned her a spot on the esteemed Utah Royals team in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). Beyond her on-field achievements, Dorsey’s commitment to inclusivity and advocacy for social change have solidified her status as a role model and leader. Join us as we delve into the captivating biography of Imani Dorsey, a trailblazing talent shaping the future of soccer.

Everything to Know about Imani Dorsey

Imani Michelle Dorsey, born on March 21, 1996, is a distinguished American soccer player who commands the defense for the Utah Royals in the NWSL. Her versatility and courage have been evident throughout her journey, from earning the 2018 NWSL Rookie of the Year title to a transformative shift from attacker to outside back. Dorsey’s commitment to inclusivity is further highlighted by her role as a founding board member of the Black Women’s Players Collective. With her skill, resilience, and dedication, Dorsey is paving the way for aspiring soccer players around the world.

Imani Dorsey Biography
Credit: Just Women Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Imani Dorsey?

Imani Dorsey is a distinguished American soccer player currently commanding the defense for the Utah Royals in the NWSL.

What is Imani Dorsey’s full name?

Imani Dorsey’s full name is Imani Michelle Dorsey.

When was Imani Dorsey born?

Imani Dorsey was born on March 21, 1996.

What position does Imani Dorsey play?

Imani Dorsey plays as a defender.

What is Imani Dorsey’s professional debut year?

Imani Dorsey made her professional debut in 2018.

Family & Early Life

Imani Dorsey’s success can be attributed in part to her strong family background and upbringing. Raised in a household that valued education and compassion, Dorsey was surrounded by inspiring role models, including her college-educated parents and accomplished grandmothers. Her father, who holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering, instilled values of logic and compassion that shaped Dorsey’s outlook on life. Growing up in a supportive environment fueled her ambition and gratitude for the opportunities she received.

Imani Dorsey Biography
Credit: Just Women Sports

Imani Dorsey’s appreciation for education led her to excel academically and become a well-rounded individual. She acknowledges the investments made by her parents in her upbringing, including providing her with a stellar education and engaging extracurricular activities. Dorsey’s dedication to paying it forward is evident in her commitment to using her education to positively impact the lives of young individuals.

Collegiate Soccer Success at Duke University (2014-2017)

Imani Dorsey’s journey to professional success began during her collegiate years at Duke University. Playing for Duke University’s soccer team from 2014 to 2017, Dorsey showcased her exceptional skills, earning her recognition as an ACC Offensive Player of the Year. She also received honors as a United Soccer Coaches All-American and placed as a semifinalist for the MAC Hermann Trophy. Dorsey’s collegiate career not only marked a significant chapter in her soccer journey but also solidified her status as a notable player in the sport.

Imani Dorsey Biography


Imani Michelle Dorsey’s professional soccer career took off after her collegiate success. In 2018, she was selected as the 5th overall pick in the NWSL College Draft by Sky Blue FC, ultimately earning her the title of 2018 NWSL Rookie of the Year. Dorsey’s skills and contributions on the field have been evident throughout her journey. In 2023, she chose to utilize the league’s mental health leave policy, shedding light on the importance of mental well-being in professional sports. Following this break, Dorsey made a notable move to the Utah Royals, solidifying her commitment to shaping the future of women’s professional soccer.

Imani Dorsey Biography

International Career

Imani Dorsey’s impact extends beyond her club achievements. In 2020, she made her debut for the United States women’s national soccer team and received the prestigious United States Soccer Federation’s One Nation Social Impact Award. Her involvement with the Black Women’s Players Collective further highlights her commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Dorsey’s off-field contributions and dedication to making a positive impact reinforce her status as a true game-changer.

Imani Dorsey Biography
Credit: USAToday

Playing Style

Imani Michelle Dorsey’s playing style is characterized by adaptability and versatility. Her successful transition from attacker to defender showcases her resilience and willingness to embrace new challenges. Dorsey’s commitment to continuous growth and learning is evident in her positive outlook and appreciation for the world-class abilities of her peers. Beyond the field, her diverse interests, including literature, astrophysics, and self-help, reflect her multifaceted personality and holistic approach to life.

Imani Dorsey Biography
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Outside Professional Life

Imani Dorsey’s impact extends far beyond the soccer field. As a founding board member of the Black Women’s Players Collective, Dorsey plays a pivotal role in advancing opportunities for black girls in sports and beyond. Her involvement in various initiatives, such as creating mini-pitches and championing the Voices in Sport mentorship program, showcases her dedication to empowering the next generation. Dorsey’s commitment to diversity and advocacy extends to her role as an Athlete Ally ambassador, where she supports the LGBT community and transgender athletes. Her tireless efforts to make a positive impact both on and off the field make her an extraordinary individual.

Imani Dorsey Biography


Imani Dorsey’s biography is a testament to her unwavering dedication, versatility, and commitment to making a lasting impact both on and off the field. From her collegiate success at Duke University to her current position as a commanding defender for the Utah Royals, Dorsey continues to inspire aspiring soccer players around the world. Her advocacy for inclusivity, empowerment, and social change sets her apart as a true role model and leader. As she continues to shape the future of women’s professional soccer, Imani Dorsey remains a trailblazing talent worth celebrating.

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