I Tried Caraway’s Food Storage Set and Here’s What I Thought

Kelly C. Gamble

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Certain, I could fake to be one of individuals people who hates the wintertime — the cold temps, the quick times, the puffy coats and boots — but truthfully, I enjoy it. And, a big motive for that is for the reason that I definitely adore making use of my solid-iron braiser and Dutch oven to make large foods, in particular right after transferring in with my girlfriend and commencing to cook dinner for two. Just one of the ideal parts about the huge-format cooking that I like to do? I’m left with a good deal of leftovers. Now, I utilised to just use takeout containers as makeshift Tupperware, but my girlfriend has me on the straight and narrow (aka, off my former Uber Eats diet), so I not long ago found myself with tons of leftovers, but no plastic Thai foods containers to place them in. 

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My 1st thought was to snag some generic plastic meals storage containers, but I have been down that road in advance of, and both I’m incapable of washing dishes properly [my mother has entered the chat] or it’s just really tough to get all of the grease and stains out of the plastic — especially because my condominium doesn’t have a dishwasher. That’s why I was so psyched when I identified out that editor- and supporter-beloved cookware brand name Caraway just released an all-new foodstuff storage technique in time for all those people drop stews and braises. Meet the Food stuff Storage Set. 

The set involves 14 parts of what could possibly be the most sophisticated and efficient approach to storing food for the residence cook to date. With three dimensions of straightforward-to-store, non-toxic, ceramic-coated glass containers — as very well as container inserts for easy meal prep and simple group — these gorgeous storage solutions are the overcome to your Tupperware woes. In addition, the Food items Storage Set’s coating is free of PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, BPA, BPS, guide, cadmium, and toxic metals.

Having said that, my favourite section about the set are the included organizers. They are variety of like bookends, and preserve your containers upright and squared absent in your cabinet — a considerably cry from my preceding junk drawer full of errant lids and cabinet comprehensive of mismatched plastic tubs that I experienced obtained throughout the several years. It really delivers a distinctive aesthetic and degree of business and adulthood I’ve nevertheless to working experience. On leading of that, your Tupperware is a thing that I assume is typically disregarded when it comes to kitchen area aesthetics, so it’s refreshing to see a single of the leading kitchen area products brands on the current market placing some perfectly-deserved exertion into the group. 

My girlfriend loves them way too — she’s in a position to acquire these into function for lunch, considering the fact that the insertable Dot & Sprint inserts are perfect for packing salads — the dressing can go in one, the croutons and cheese in a further, and the greens in the much larger compartment. And, because it all receives secured with the integrated straps, she doesn’t have to be concerned about any leakage or spills from what is fundamentally a stylish bento box in the course of her commute.

If you are not sold on these, I don’t know what to tell you — other than that you’d improved act speedy, considering that Caraway has been regarded to market out. Oh, and did I mention that the set is on sale proper now? 

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