How to Remove Bees from a Tree?

Kelly C. Gamble

All of us are conscious of the importance of bees and how they are beneficial for this world. But having bees around your home, especially in your garden, is dangerous since they sting. Also, we need to find ways to get rid of bees without using any toxins.

Learning how to remove bees from a tree can help someone who is planning to perform the entire task on their own. Below, we have discussed ways to remove bees from a tree without killing them. This article will help you with ways to get rid of bees from your backyard so that you can enjoy your time there without the worry of getting stung.

How To Remove Bees From Your Backyard?

There are many ways to get a bee-free yard naturally. Some of the methods are safe, whereas some tend to kill bees. Below we have listed the top 6 ways that will help you remove bees from your home.         

Soda:  It is no news that bees love sweet liquid. In this method, you need to cut a soda can or bottle into half and keep it somewhere you have noticed a lot of bees. Bees will be attracted to the soda and will come to drink it. However, this method is not environmentally friendly and will kill the bees since they will eventually drown in the soda.

Moth Balls: Bees do not like all smells, and the smell of mothball is one of them. To remove bees with the help of a mothball, you need to hang one near their nest. The smell will keep spreading and will eventually prevent the bees from coming to their nest. Alternatively, you can also hang many mothballs around your yard to prevent new nests. This is an environment-friendly method and is often used by bee hive removal experts in Brisbane

Bee Repelling Plants: This is one of the best ways to keep bees away from your yard without killing them. This is also the easiest way and needs little or no supervision. You can search for bee repelling plants online and will get a list of many. Plant these plants all-around your home. These should stop bees from making a new nest near these plants. It is another highly utilized method by bee hive removal experts near me

Get help from a Beekeeper: If you can find a beekeeper near you, it will be the best thing. These are professionals in dealing with bee nests anywhere inside your house or in your backyard. A beekeeper will take care of the beehive and keep it with himself or herself. To find a beekeeper near you, you can start asking people around, or you can also search on the internet.

Vinegar Spray Solution: Vinegar spray is a natural yet very effective remedy to get rid of bees from your home. All you require to do is mix equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle shake the mix well and spray it on the nest when the bees are sleeping. This needs to be done preferably at night. You can also spray some of the mixtures on plants around the hive. This extremely powerful mixture will kill the bees. This is hence not an environmentally friendly method.

Cinnamon: If you are searching for an environmentally friendly method to remove bees from their hive, you can try using cinnamon. You can sprinkle some cinnamon around their hive once every day. Bees do not like the smell of cinnamon and will soon start looking for a new place.

These are some of the best and easy home remedies that will help you get rid of bees from your backyard. However, if you want to hire a professional to help you, you can always Google bee removal near meand you will find endless options to choose from.

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