How re-arranging furniture helps to break monotony in home design

Kelly C. Gamble

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In the real sense of it, what we call a building is just a partitioning of space for the use of people. When we create our own spaces, we design them to meet specific functions like a kitchen-living room, offices, and others. But even if you label your space in the architectural design, oftentimes, they can be converted into other use with the arrangement and choice of furniture. This only goes to prove that furniture defines a space, even beyond the original intents of the builders or designers.

If you have to use a space for a long time, like for years, having the same placement and design for your furniture might become boring and monotonous. To break the monotony, you might want to consider periodically switching up the position of your furniture to stimulate your senses and give an impression of newness. There are many resources online about interior decorations and home design, and websites like home square and Finnish design might help the unexperienced or people in need of ideas.

Here are some considerations on how to change the position of furniture to break the routine, and some of these should be addressed before you commence on the project.


How many makeovers do you want?

Some makeovers only involve moving the position of the sofa from left to right, using a TV stand instead of hanging up the TV, bringing in the dining table to the kitchen from the corridor, and other such changes.


What exactly do you hope to achieve?

Do you intend to free up space by rearranging and maximizing available furniture? Or do you intend to change the total outlook of your space from, maybe active to cozy? What you want to achieve will determine how much change you want to create in your space? Are you looking to give a feel of newness? Will you be willing to buy a few pieces more of certain furniture, or let go of some?


Are you in the middle of a major life change?

 For instance, are you newly getting married? Having a child? Getting a pet? All of these will determine the kind of position change you might want to involve in.

Some advantages of re-arranging the furniture in the home design include:

  •         Re-arranging helps to clean spaces that might have been difficult to reach in the past. This not only makes the home cleaner, but it also impacts positively on the health of the inhabitants of the home.
  •         Re-arranging helps to declutter and remove whatever furniture that is no longer useful in the home, whether for donations or to be repurposed.
  •         Re-arranging your furniture helps to maximize space, and ensure that the maximum productivity is achieved in whatever area. You might have noticed some challenges caused by your prior arrangements – re-arranging provides the opportunity to correct design earlier mistakes.
  •         Re-arranging makes you appreciate your space anew. After you have re-arrange your furniture, there is a newness that makes you feel like you just moved in, or that your furniture is new.

If you have been thinking of re-arranging your furniture or redesigning your home, the best time to do it is now. You can give yourself a timeline- a week for the bedroom, another week for the sitting room. By redesigning a room at a time, you will achieve a total makeover within a short period.

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