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Franck Kessie: A Football Sensation

Franck Kessie’s rise to prominence in the world of football is nothing short of remarkable. Born in Ivory Coast, Kessie’s journey from his early life to becoming a football sensation is a story of determination, hard work, and passion for the beautiful game. Let’s dive into the captivating biography of Franck Kessie and explore the life of this extraordinary player.

Everything About Franck Kessie Biography

From his physical attributes to his impressive football career, this section covers everything you need to know about Franck Kessie’s biography.

Franck Kessie Information

Franck Kessie Information

  • Full Name: Franck Yannick Kessié
  • Nickname: “Presidente”
  • Profession: Football Player
Physical Stats
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Weight: 88 kg
Date of Birth and Personal Info
  • Date of Birth: 5 November 1992
  • Birth Place: Ouragahio, Ivory Coast
  • Nationality: Ivorian
Football Information
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Professional Debut: 2015
  • Jersey Number: 79

Franck Kessie Early Life

Franck Kessie Early Life

Franck Kessie, the renowned Ivorian football sensation, was born on December 19, 1996, in Ouragahio, Ivory Coast. From a young age, Kessie showed a passion for football, playing in the streets with his friends and dreaming of gracing the world’s most prestigious football stages. Despite the financial constraints his family faced, Kessie’s determination remained unwavering. His family recognized his extraordinary talent and supported his aspirations, propelling him forward in pursuit of his dreams.

Franck Kessie’s Football Career

Franck Kessie Football Career

Franck Kessie’s football career has been a remarkable journey marked by determination, skill, and passion. Let’s delve into the pivotal moments of his career:


In 2015, Kessie made a life-changing move to Serie A club Atalanta. This transition marked the beginning of his professional career in Europe. With Atalanta, he showcased his versatility and dynamic playing style, proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in midfield.

AC Milan

Kessie’s football career reached new heights when he joined AC Milan in 2017. Becoming a key figure in the midfield engine room, he seamlessly integrated into the team and earned a reputation as one of Serie A’s finest midfielders. His leadership qualities were evident when he wore the captain armband in the absence of Alessio Romagnoli.


In 2022, after a successful stint at AC Milan, Kessie made a significant move to Barcelona. Since then, he has made an impact on the team, showcasing his skills and contributing to their success. Kessie’s goal against Real Madrid in El Clasico was a testament to his ability and importance to the team.

Al Ahli

On August 9, 2023, Kessie joined Saudi Pro League club Al Ahli, embarking on a new chapter in his football career. His talent, dedication, and experience make him a valuable addition to the team.

Playing Style

Franck Kessie Playing Style

Franck Kessie’s playing style is a mix of power, speed, and skill. His physical strength allows him to excel in aerial duels and leave a lasting impression on the field. Kessie’s ability to read the game and position himself strategically enables him to intercept passes, stop attacks, and initiate his team’s play from deep in the middle. Not only is he a defensive stalwart, but he also showcases prowess in the offensive third, demonstrating exceptional dribbling and passing abilities. His versatility as a defender is further highlighted by his knack for scoring crucial goals from set pieces or long shots.

Franck Kessie’s Legacy

Franck Kessie's Legacy

With each game Franck Kessie plays, he continues to impress football fans and strengthen his legacy. His ascent from a modest background to a world-renowned football player serves as an inspiration to aspiring players facing similar circumstances. Kessie’s story exemplifies the rewards that come with hard work and persistence.

Franck Kessie’s Honors

Franck Kessie Honors

Throughout his career, Franck Kessie has earned several well-deserved awards and honors, showcasing his outstanding contributions to the world of football. Here are some of the notable honors he has received:

AC Milan

  • Serie A: 2021/22


  • La Liga: 2022/23
  • Supercopa de España: 2022/23


  • Serie A Team of the Year: 2020/21

Franck Kessie Outside Professional Life

Franck Kessie Outside Professional Life

Franck Kessie’s personal life is as significant to him as his football career. He cherishes his family and often speaks affectionately about his parents and siblings. Kessie is actively involved in charitable initiatives, focusing on education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation in his native Ivory Coast. He has played a crucial role in funding the construction of schools and healthcare facilities, providing much-needed resources to underprivileged communities.

As of August 2023, Franck Kessie has a net worth of approximately €47 million, primarily earned from his professional football career. His hobbies extend beyond the field, with a love for music and playing various musical instruments. With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Kessie enjoys sharing glimpses of his life outside of football with his fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When and where was Franck Kessie born?

Franck Kessie was born on November 5, 1992, in Ouragahio, Ivory Coast.

2. What position does Franck Kessie play?

Franck Kessie primarily plays as a midfielder.

3. Did Franck Kessie play for AC Milan and Barcelona?

Yes, Franck Kessie has played for both AC Milan and Barcelona, showcasing his skills and contributing to the success of both clubs.

4. What honors has Franck Kessie received in his career?

Franck Kessie has received notable honors, including Serie A titles, La Liga titles, and individual recognition in the form of team of the year selections.

5. What is Franck Kessie’s playing style?

Franck Kessie’s playing style combines power, speed, and skill. He is known for his physical prowess, versatility, and ability to impact both defensively and offensively.


Franck Kessie’s biography is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and passion in achieving greatness. From humble beginnings in Ivory Coast to gracing the grand stages of football, Kessie has left an indelible mark on the sport. His exceptional playing style, leadership qualities, and off-field contributions make him a true football sensation. As his legacy continues to grow, Franck Kessie serves as an inspiration to aspiring players and a symbol of what can be achieved through perseverance and dedication.

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