Disadvantages of a Warranty

Kelly C. Gamble

One of the first things you want to ask about something you want to buy is how long the warranty lasts and exactly what it covers. The first thing you will notice is that most manufacturers tend to have very similar warranty periods and terms. This should confirm to the doubting that most of the products are exactly the same in terms of quality. It should also tell you that because no manufacturer wants to lose money, they will not give you a warranty that extends into the period where the wear and tear takes effect.

So one of the biggest disadvantages about warranties is that they will not cover you for when you need repair and maintenance most. The cover only takes care of the period when the item is still new and unlikely to break down. You are basically on your own when your home appliance ages and is much more likely to give up on you suddenly and unexpectedly.

The other disadvantage is that most warranties have exceptions. Quite often they will not cover certain breakages, meaning that no matter how new the item is you will still have to dig into your pockets and pay for it to be fixed.

So while a warranty is useful to have just in case and mostly to cover manufacturing defects, they are very limited indeed. Especially for high ticket items that will also cost you a lot to repair or replace.

This is why it is worth taking a look at service protection plans and appliance protection plans.

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