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Kelly C. Gamble

For over four months, our homes, like our lives, have been transformed. Once a place for relaxing after work or entertaining friends, they have turned into offices, classrooms and places to work out as everywhere around us shut its doors.

With families back living under the same roof, cooked meals constantly on the go, the smell of gym gear, football shoes and even mucky pets, the combination may not provide the most pleasant odour.

So now, more than ever, we need to freshen up our surroundings, clear the air and uplift our mood and senses commercial pool furniture with home fragrances that can not only get rid of bad smells but also add an element of calmness to our living quarters.

From relaxing to invigorating, home fragrances come in all sorts of products; candles and diffusers, air fresheners and room sprays, all are designed to transform our living space into a home not to be sniffed at! And with the market alight with so many different options of home fragrances, it can be confusing to know which one will suit you best. So we’ve done the hard work for you.

Make sense with some of our favourites below.

French Pear wine Bottle Candle

Best for: An excellent budget buy

Drink in the sweet smell of this delicious smell without any of the calories. For even before you light this candle, the scent wafts through the house with fresh bursts of pear and cinnamon. As well as its scent, this candle ticks all the right boxes for a clever design concept and eco-friendliness – owner Sophie has really pulled out all the stops! Each candle is made out of a recycled bottle of wine commercial patio furniture or can of beer and turned into a scented soy candle. Once lit, the scented eco soy wax gives a long and creamy burn -twice as long as paraffin candles and much kinder to the environment.

£18 | Booze and Burn

Galin and Moetz Tomato Candle

Best for: A quick burst of smell

A favourite skincare line loved by beauty editors, this brand offers a unique addition of candles to its collection. Top marks go for not only its delicious smell but also its funky glass design which looks good anywhere in the house. As suggested in its name, the sweetness of freshly ripened tomatoes is the main scent that comes through once it has been lit for a short time, with additional flavours of basil, lavender and cool mint mixed in to create the perfect aroma. The fragrance is spot on for summer months and used outside at a family birthday dinner filled the whole garden with an uplifting and fresh smell. The fact it has a 60-hour burn time and is made with natural waxes gives new meaning to the word lit!

£42 | Liberty London

ESPA Soothing Reed Diffuser

Best for: Relaxation

When it comes to diffusers, the basics are all the same; add a blend of oils into a pot and let the reed sticks soak up and help scent your space. But it is picking the right blend of oils that can either make or break a diffuser and of all the commercial patio umbrellas ones we tested, this was by far the best. Spa brands know what works when it comes to creating fragrances to zen your mind and body and this warm sense- that combines Myrrh’s mellow notes with Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense – replicates the same smell in the home. The design is simple but elegant.

£45 | ESPA

Victoria Cator Madame Julia room spray

Best for: Uplifting vibes

After weeks and weeks of lockdown, smells – including fried foods and sweaty exercise mats from home workouts – can be difficult to get rid of. This is where room sprays come into their own. Used as often as you fancy, they not only freshen the air but as they don’t require matches, are easily portable so can be taken from room to room. A huge favourite of A-listers, this product produces an instant mood-boosting fragrance that gives off the most gorgeous smell of blackcurrant and musky tobacco with just a couple of spritzes! Wave goodbye to stinky home gyms with this captivating room spray.

£42 | Victoria Cator

Ellia Ascend Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Best for: A brilliant gift

This is a multi-tasking product that creates an oasis of calm through its slow-burning oils and colour changing lights. All you do is add water and a few drops of your favourite oils and the aroma whiffs up in a gorgeous mist that is very soothing to watch drift through the air. It really is a great way to enhance your wellbeing and used at night, with the lights lit up, is very cathartic. The product is very solid and will sit well in any room as its wood effect bottom and ceramic top blends in nicely. One for all the family.

£44.99 | Homedics

Eight & Bob Tanganika Candle

Best for: Design

The smell of a candle is of course the most important thing when purchasing one but the design comes in at a close second. And this candle will certainly impress anyone coming into your home as it is so sleek and polished looking it can get away with being a nice table piece or shelf ornament. Of course it helps that it smells absolutely divine too – the candle releases a lovely musky smell of fruits that fuses Calabrian Bergamot with Iris, delicate Rose and a rich Cedarwood. It has the staying power to work in large rooms but isn’t overpowering in smaller ones. The packaging is completely gorgeous too.

£65 | Look Fantastic

Sanctuary Spa Linen and Room Mist

Best for: A freshly washed sense

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh linen and this contains that perfect pick-me-up sense of newly washed clothes. Perfect to spritz not just in a room but also on bedding or blankets to create instant impact and freshness, the smell stays for hours in the air. With a sparkling citrus accord & floral tones this is the ideal room spray to get rid of any unwanted odours as it makes the air feel so much cleaner too.

£10 | Boots


French Pear and Ginger Wine Bottle candle from Booze and Burn is the best all-rounder. Not only does it smell divine, I love the fact the soy candles are made out of recycled and repurposed wine bottles so they have a nice back story to them. There are 12 scents to choose from and this one left a long-lasting fragrance long after it was blown out.

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£42 | Liberty London

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