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Débora Cristiane de Oliveira Biography

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira, commonly known as Debinha, is a prominent figure in the world of women’s football. Hailing from Brazil, Debinha has overcome humble beginnings to establish herself as an international star. In this article, we delve deeper into Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s biography, exploring her life, career, and personal journey, including insights into her family.

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Everything About Débora Cristiane de Oliveira Biography

To truly understand Débora Cristiane de Oliveira, and her story, we must explore every aspect of her life. This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview, including her real name and other significant details. Let’s embark on this journey and delve into her world.

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Débora Cristiane de Oliveira Information

To start, let’s take a look at some key information about Débora Cristiane de Oliveira:

  • Full Name: Débora Cristiane de Oliveira
  • Nickname: “Debinha”
  • Profession: Football Player

Physical Stats

  • Height: 157 cm
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Dark
  • Weight: 52 kg

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 20 October 1991
  • Birth Place: Brasópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian

Football Information

  • Position: Forward
  • Professional Debut: 2006
  • Jersey Number: 99

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira has made significant contributions to the world of women’s football. Her journey from a small town to international fame is a testament to her perseverance and ability to seize opportunities.

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Débora Cristiane de Oliveira Early Life

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s love affair with football began at a young age. Growing up in Brasópolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil, she was exposed to a community where football was more than just a game; it was a way of life. Fueled by passion and innate talent, Débora’s journey was set in motion from an early age.

Her family recognized her potential and wholeheartedly supported her dreams, encouraging her to relentlessly pursue them.

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s story is a testament to how passion and determination can propel someone to great heights. Her journey from Brasópolis to worldwide fame showcases her ability to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities.

Football Career

Débora Cristiane’s football career took off when she joined the Brazil U20 Women’s team at a young age. Her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport caught the attention of talent scouts, leading to signing with illustrious clubs.

Debinha began her career at Saad in São Caetano do Sul, and later played for Portuguesa, Foz Cataratas, and Centro Olimpico in São Paulo. In 2013, she joined Avaldsnes IL in Norway, where she became the top scorer in the first division in 2014. She later returned to Brazil to defend São José, and her outstanding performance in 2017 caught the attention of other clubs, eventually leading her to Dalian Quanjian.

In the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), Débora found her place with the North Carolina Courage. Her transition to the American League showcased her adaptability and further solidified her position as an international star. With her speed, technical finesse, and strategic mindset, Débora became an integral part of the Courage’s offensive strategies.

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In January 2023, Débora agreed to join the Kansas City Current for two years, showcasing her commitment to furthering her career and making an impact in the sport.

International Career

Débora’s impact extended beyond club football as she represented Brazil on the international stage. Her appearances in FIFA Women’s World Cup and Olympic tournaments demonstrated her ability to excel at the highest level of competition. Her dynamic playing style, agility, and goal-scoring prowess added depth to Brazil’s national team lineup and solidified her reputation as a formidable forward.


Playing Style

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s playing style is a beautiful fusion of finesse and power. As a forward, she possesses the uncanny ability to weave through opposing defenses, leaving a trail of mesmerized defenders in her wake. Her adeptness at finding the back of the net and creating goal-scoring opportunities makes her an invaluable asset to any team. Débora’s tireless work ethic and unwavering determination on the field mirror her drive for excellence.


Débora’s impact extends beyond the pitch, captivating the hearts of fans and inspiring aspiring footballers worldwide. Her journey from a small town to the international stage exemplifies perseverance and dedication. Débora’s story resonates deeply, particularly with young girls who dream of defying odds and achieving greatness in the world of football.

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s Legacy

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s legacy is deeply intertwined with the evolution of women’s football. Her contributions have propelled the sport to new heights and shed light on Brazil’s rich footballing talent. As a role model and trailblazer, she embodies the values of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

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Débora Cristiane de Oliveira Honors

Throughout her career, Débora Cristiane de Oliveira has garnered numerous honors and accolades, including:

North Carolina Courage

  • NWSL Champions: 2018, 2019
  • NWSL Shield: 2017, 2018, 2019
  • NWSL Challenge Cup: 2022


  • Copa América Femenina: 2018, 2022


  • NWSL Best XI: 2022
  • NWSL Second XI: 2018
  • NWSL Championship Game MVP: 2019
  • NWSL Challenge Cup MVP: 2021, 2022
  • NWSL Challenge Top Scorer: 2021
  • IFFHS CONMEBOL Woman Team of the Decade 2011/2020

Outside Professional Life

Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s life extends beyond the football field. Her dedication to giving back to the community demonstrates her compassionate nature. Actively participating in various charitable initiatives, she uses her platform to raise awareness and make a tangible difference.

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Débora enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures, broadening her horizons and gaining new perspectives. Her love for art, music, and other creative endeavors provides her with a well-rounded release outside of her intense training. With over 530K followers on Instagram, Débora continues to inspire and engage with her fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Débora Cristiane de Oliveira?
    Débora Cristiane de Oliveira, known as Debinha, is a Brazilian football player who has established herself as an international star in women’s football. Her skills and goal-scoring ability have made her a prominent figure in the sport.

  2. What is Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s playing style?
    Débora’s playing style is a fusion of finesse and power. As a forward, she possesses incredible speed and technical finesse, allowing her to navigate through opposing defenses effortlessly and create goal-scoring opportunities.

  3. What are some of Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s honors and achievements?
    Débora has a long list of accomplishments, including being a two-time NWSL champion with the North Carolina Courage, winning the Copa América Femenina with Brazil, and being named in the NWSL Best XI and Second XI. She has also received the NWSL Championship Game MVP and the NWSL Challenge Cup MVP awards.

  4. What is Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s legacy?
    Débora’s legacy extends beyond her achievements in the sport. She has inspired young girls worldwide to pursue their dreams in football and has contributed to the growth and recognition of women’s football globally.


Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s biography is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and passion. From humble beginnings to international fame, she has left an indelible mark on women’s football. Her skills, work ethic, and impact both on and off the field make her a true inspiration to football enthusiasts worldwide. To follow Débora Cristiane de Oliveira’s journey and stay updated, visit Zerobertooficial.