Estimating Garage Doors Pricing

Estimating garage doors pricing is important when planning to install a new or replacement garage door. It is important that you know what type of garage door you will want and need to install. One of the first things you must do is to check on the local building codes […]

Origin of the “Cajun” Deep Fried Turkey

While preparing for this year’s Thanksgiving fest where I’ll be serving delicious Deep Fried turkey, I became interested in the origin of the succulent treat. What is deep fried turkey? “Frying whole turkeys is sort of the Southern version of making fondue. You have a lot of your friends over, […]

Wrought Iron Railings and Deck Railings

Kelly C. Gamble

Do you need to replace the railings in your house? Perhaps on your deck? Have you considered wrought iron railings? Having the right railings in your house is important because you want to keep your deck safe. You don’t want anyone to be leaning on your deck and fall over! If you […]

Creativity Leads to Family Enrichment

Kelly C. Gamble

CREATIVE ENRICHMENT FOR FAMILIES I found much enrichment from reading stories to my daughter every night until she was twelve years old. To this day we share those rich experiences. Many years ago we sat on the sofa and I did drawings for my daughter. She told me how she […]