Build Diary 47 – Are we done yet?

It is been a even though due to the fact I up to date you on the progress of my possess residence establish, so I considered I’d fill you in on the newest developments. The excellent news is that we have finished the genuine build….. but do you actually ever complete?


As we have been constructing for though, we’ve been changing our options and including new characteristics. We moved in as quickly as the key developing was (approximately) finish, and experienced the edge of residing in the establish so we have been able to see what labored and what didn’t. Quickly it was crystal clear that we weren’t utilizing some key genuine estate proper upcoming to our pool due to the fact it was simply also sizzling to be there in the middle of the day.


Creating shade


So, imagining on the fly, we made the decision to insert a gazebo, which turned out to be a masterstroke as I now really like sitting out there, notably at dusk.


Even even though the main build is finished, we knew we desired to continue to keep on our main worker, Pak Slamet. He’s been with us because pretty much the starting of the make and is aware of the villa really well. An seasoned welder, carpenter, electrician and plumber, he seriously is a jack of all trades! We are thrilled he made the decision to continue to be with us!


We had a great deal of additional building supplies that we necessary to retailer away out of sight. The good thing is, we had some unused area below the gazebo as effectively as all around the aspect of the property. So Pak Slamet went out and purchased some products and set about to make the cabinets. A number of times later on we have our cabinets and new storage areas.

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