Blum: Age Explorer: Perfect Motion For Years To Come

Kelly C. Gamble


Predict your upcoming demands in the kitchen area with AGE EXPLORER by Blum. This age simulator will ensure ideal movement for several years to come.

It is very difficult for all kitchen users, especially people with movement restrictions, to remove items from a shelf in the base cabinet. Deep bending down to the knees is often required, the view of items is poor and you often have to remove part of the cabinet contents to get to items that you want at the back. Full extensions such as TANDEMBOX, however, offer a better view of the entire cabinet contents as well as optimal access.

A new kitchen area is typically a major acquire. As soon as installed, it’s hard to change. Kitchens last about 20 a long time on typical. So your kitchen area need to not only meet your recent needs, but also people of the long run. To predict those future needs, it’s a good idea to investigate the prerequisites of kitchen people of all ages. Blum utilizes an age simulator – the AGE EXPLORER® – to this close.

Know now what your requirements may possibly be tomorrow

The AGE EXPLORER® permits you to actually sense what it is like to have bodily limits. Wear the suit and obtain out for yourself what unique demands you will have when, for illustration, employing your kitchen. AGE EXPLORER® is a trademark of the Meyer-Hentschel Institute.

Sense the impact of old age inside minutes

Numerous components simulate physical restrictions these types of as rigid joints, muscle mass exhaustion and impaired vision and listening to. To keep the simulation as sensible as attainable, the suit is worn for at least 2 hrs.

Merchandise that present major-top quality motion for everybody

The AGE EXPLORER® supports the improvement of products that offer prolonged-term, ergonomic added benefits to kitchen area customers. The insights we attain from AGE EXPLORER assessments are thus integrated into the progress of new items.

Imagine in advance when buying a new kitchen area

Make positive you have the suitable products right before you purchase your new kitchen area, and everyday kitchen use will be easy and pleasant for quite a few decades to arrive.

Kitchen area chores made easy

Checks have proven that cabinets in base units are a issue, primarily for men and women with motion limitations. Pull-outs are consequently additional ergonomic and less complicated to use. Wall cabinets with elevate methods will also give you uncomplicated obtain to interiors. They are effortless to open and glide up and out of your way. AVENTOS lift devices keep in any place and close softly and easily with BLUMOTION.

Bending and kneeling down can be really a stress. Blum’s Area CORNER cabinet is so particularly realistic. Things this sort of as bowls, provisions and even cooking utensils can subsequently be saved absent and eradicated with top ease.

On top of that, you can open up pull-outs with your hip, knee or toe with the SERVO-Drive electrical or Suggestion-ON BLUMOTION mechanical opening assist program. A solitary contact suffices. No arms, no bending down. Uncomplicated.

Interested in tests the match yourself? Make an appointment with BLUM  Showroom Professional, Charlene le Roux.

E-mail: [email protected]

Locate out extra about AGE EXPLORER at Blum.



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