Big Sur glass house with ocean views for sale in California

This home in Big Sur, California, can be yours for $35 million.

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A remarkably immaculate coastal compound has landed on the real estate market in Big Sur, California, and believe us when we tell you — it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or experienced.

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Though you’ll need $35 million to move in.

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The four-bedroom, four-bathroom estate sits on 109 acres of prime Northern California land, overlooking the sapphire blue Pacific Ocean and the looming height of the redwood trees — all of which can be perfectly viewed thanks to the home’s massive glass walls.

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According to the listing on, the compound was designed by Big Sur architect Mickey Muennig and was “his final residential masterpiece.” Muennig, who was called “the man who built Big Sur,” had a distinct style and was considered a pioneer in the Golden State’s “iconoclastic organic architecture movement,” Dwell reported.

“What Mickey was able to do here was to take this amazing piece of property and not have the architecture compete with the beauty of the landscape,” Mike Freed, owner of one of Muennig most notable works, the Post Ranch Inn, told Dwell.

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And this 3,261-square-foot home does just that with its surroundings.

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Features in and around the compound include:

  • Heated concrete floors

  • Private guest house

  • Three-car garage

  • Spa

  • Wine cellar

  • See-through fireplace

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One of the major highlights of the compound is its earth roof, which, according to Encyclopedia, is “composed of a thick layer of grassland containing roots.”

Muennig died in 2021.

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This story was originally published April 22, 2022 1:17 PM.

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