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Best Matches in Serie A History

From Il Cinque Maggio to the Rossoneri’s 6-0 victory in the Derby della Madonnina, this article is about the best matches in Serie A history.

The Italian league has always been one of the best in the world. Some of the greatest European football clubs play in this league and follow a tight and tough competition to win the Scudetto. Sixteen different clubs have won the Serie A so far, which tells you a lot about the depth of the league.

The best era of Serie A was in the 90s and early 2000s. Inevitably, a lot of the best matches in Serie A history belong to this period. In the golden age, almost all the football stars played in Italy—simply the best league in the world, by far.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best matches in Serie A history. Which Serie A game was the best?

Best Matches in Serie A History

Throughout history, thousands of matches have been played in the Italian league. Here are only ten of them to talk about. It’s obvious that so many good games are left out of our compilation. Let us know what games we missed. What’s your favorite Serie A match that’s missing from this list? The comment section is for you!

Let’s not waste any more time and get to the point. What are the best matches in Serie A history?

Honorable Mention

  • Juventus 2-1 AC Milan – 1931
  • Inter Milan 6-5 AC Milan – 1949
  • Lazio 1-5 Roma – 2002
  • Inter Milan 3-2 Sampdoria – 2005
  • AC Milan 0-1 Juventus – 2005

AC Milan 1 – 6 Juventus

AC Milan 1-6 Juventus
Credit: Juventus

Let’s start with one of the most famous games of the golden age: April 6th, 1997, San Siro.

Zinedine Zidane, Roberto Baggio, Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Christian Vieri, and Marcel Desailly were among the stars on the field. Two of the greatest coaches of all time, Arrigo Sacchi and Marcelo Lippi, were the managers for the two sides.

It wasn’t as one-sided as it looks. Milan launched several attacks toward Juventus’ goal, but only one of them turned into a goal. Nevertheless, Bianconeri was the lead in the race, picking up a historic win for themselves.

This remains Milan’s heaviest home defeat in Serie A. Juventus was the most powerful side of the era. They won the Champions League last season, and days after thrashing AC Milan by six goals, they beat Ajax 6-2 on aggregate in the Champions League semi-final to reach the final for the second year in a row. What a team that was!

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Inter Milan 0 – 6 AC Milan

Greatest Games in Serie A History
Credit: Corriere

San Siro again! This time, not to witness a nightmare but to experience a dream. For the few in attendance, though!

This was Nerazzurri’s heaviest defeat against their city rival, of course. It was one of the best matches in Serie A history. AC Milan took the lead very early in the 3rd minute. They pulled off five more to make it a dream night at San Siro.

Inter Milan was the host in this match, and the majority of the stadium’s capacity was in the hands of the Nerazzurri fans. One of these fans walked into the field mid-game, went to Costacurta, and asked him for mercy! Can you believe that?

Rossoneri fans will never forget May 11, 2001. The day they won the Derby della Madonnina 6-0.

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Napoli 1 – 0 Juventus

Best Matches in Serie A History
Credit: ArtPhotoLimited

Diego Maradona is a legend for Napoli. They named their stadium after him. The presence of this man in Serie A in the eighties gave a special and distinctive scent to the Italian league. In the same decade, Michel Platini was showing a masterclass in Juventus midfield.

One of the greatest games of the era, and of course one of the best Serie A games of all time, was the face of these two superstars on November 3, 1985. Platini had other stars alongside him, but Maradona was he himself.

A year before scoring the Goal of the Century, the Argentine legend pulled a similar run in this match against the Juventus defense. It stopped by a foul this time, though. It’s worth a watch. Go over to YouTube right now.

That Maradona’s famous free-kick from inside the box was also scored in this match. It was the only goal of the game. Napoli won 1-0.

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Lazio 4 – 2 Inter Milan

Best Matches in Serie A History
Credit: The Cult of Calcio

Il Cinque Maggio. May 5, 2002. The most famous day in Serie A history. The final matchday in the most exciting Serie A season ever. Three teams are in for the title race. Inter Milan are leading the table with 69 points while Juventus and Roma are behind them with 68 and 67 points.

What is the best Series A in history? I think a lot of people choose this campaign. Nerazzurri came to Olimpico to meet Lazio. Juventus faced Udinese, and Roma went to Turin to play against Torino. Let the party begin.

The match between Inter and Lazio was held at Olimpico, but almost the entire stadium was covered in black and blue colors. Lazio fans pay homage to their city rival. Roma was in the title race, and the Giallorossi championship was the last thing that Lazio fans wanted. All this wasn’t enough for Inter. Even the legendary pair of Vieri and Ronaldo in the front line didn’t help them.

Inter Milan lost 4-2 to Lazio. Juventus won the Scudetto as they beat Udinese 2-0. It was an incurable wound for the Nerazzurri fans. Ronaldo Nazario famously shed tears on the bench. It was his last game for Inter.

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Inter Milan 2 – 3 Juventus

Best Matches in Serie A History
Credit: Getty Images

The Derby d’Italia has witnessed the most furious and bloodiest rivalry between the two Italian giants throughout history. Their battle in 2018 was one of the most exciting Derby d’Italias of all time and one of the best matches in Serie A history.

Juventus was in a title race with Napoli. Maurizio Sarri’s side continuously came under the shadow of Juventus in this campaign. Juventus topped the table with 85 points, just one point above Napoli. They should have beaten Inter Milan at San Siro.

An early goal from Douglas Costa and a red card from the Inter side made it easy for Bianconeri. But Nerazzurri scored two goals in the second half and took the lead. Two late goals from the Old Lady made a dream comeback for Juventus.

With these crucial three points, they went on to win the Scudetto for the seventh year in a row.

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Lazio 4 – 4 AC Milan

Lazio 4-4 Milan
Credit: Getty Images

Lazio won the Scudetto in that campaign. Sven-Goran Eriksson possessed quality players such as Marcelo Salas, Roberto Mancini, Sinisa Mihajlovic, Alessandro Nesta, Juan Sebastian Veron, Diego Simeone, Pavel Nedved, Dejan Stankovic, and Simone Inzaghi. They hosted AC Milan on October 3, 1999. This was the most memorable match of the entire campaign.

The host took the lead with Veron’s 18th-minute goal. The Argentine midfielder was a super brilliant player in this game. Lazio scored two more goals in the next minutes, while Milan only answered one. Then a hat-trick from Andriy Shevchenko saw the 3-1 turn into a 4-3. Marcelo Salas scored an equalizer for the home side in the 72nd minute.

Lazio made a great effort late in the game to score the winning goal. But a few fine saves from Abbiati made one of the best matches in Serie A history to end with a 4-4 draw.

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Napoli 3 – 2 Fiorentina

Best Matches in Serie A History
Credit: Getty Images

It was an incredible match. A classic clash between the young Roberto Baggio and the GOAT, Diego Maradona. One of the greatest games in Serie A history. September 16th, 1989.

Maradona started the game off the bench due to a minor injury. But the pitch was not devoid of magic. Roberto Baggio received the ball in the midfield minutes after the start. He made an impressive run, dribbled several Napoli players, dribbled the goalkeeper, and scored an iconic goal. The second goal was scored again after a while with Baggio’s artistic acting. The Italian youngster was fouled in the penalty box and converted the penalty into a goal himself.

The captain stepped on when the second half began. With Diego Maradona’s arrival, everyone was looking forward to a comeback for the home side. It just happened like that.

Shortly after the kick-off, Maradona stood behind a penalty kick and unexpectedly missed it. But he was Diego Maradona, the God of football. The Argentine superstar continued to create several goal chances for his side, three of which were scored. They made a comeback.

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Juventus 1 – 0 Inter Milan

Best Matches in Serie A History
Credit: Il BiancoNero

The Derby d’Italia in the 1997-98 season was one of the most controversial football games of all time. And, of course, one of the best matches in Serie A history.

Inter and Juventus were in the title race when they met on April 26. Bianconeri was sitting at the top of the table, with only one point clear. A victory in this match would have sealed the Scudetto for them. It was the Serie A title decider.

The incident happened in the 70th minute: Ronaldo collapsed in the box, and referee Piero Ceccarini said it was a fair challenge. Then, with two passes from Edgar Davids and Zinedine Zidane, the ball reached Del Piero inside the box. He fell to the ground, and the referee pointed at the penalty spot this time. Ain’t no way!

Juventus won the match 1-0, but it was not the end of the story for anyone. The bloodiest Derby d’Italia of all time was one with an open ending. The controversy never ended.

A week after the match, a dispute broke out between Massimo Mauro (a former Juventus player) and Domenico Gramazio in the Italian parliament. While broadcasting on live TV, Gramazio shouted: “They are all thieves!”

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Fiorentina 4 – 2 Juventus

Fiorentina 4-2 Juventus
Credit: Getty Images

On October 20, 2013, Juventus and Fiorentina faced each other to create one of the greatest Serie A games of all time.

Two first-half goals were scored by the visitors, by Tevez and Pogba. Fiorentina made a comeback in fifteen minutes. Between 65 and 80 minutes, they scored four goals and reached the promised land. Giuseppe Rossi scored an incredible hat-trick, sealing victory for Fiorentina.

What an amazing atmosphere at the Comunale stadium.

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Roma 4 – 5 Inter Milan

Best Matches in Serie A History
Credit: X

When it comes to the best matches in Serie A history, few can be compared to this one. A classic match on May 3, 1999. A goal festival at Olimpico.

Here are the goals of this thrilling battle in Serie A:

  • 17’ – scored by Ronaldo, assisted by Roberto Baggio – 0:1
  • 22’ – scored by Ivan Zamorano, assisted by Roberto Baggio – 0:2
  • 26’ – scored by Francesco Totti from the penalty spot – 1:2
  • 35’ – scored by Ivan Zamorano, assisted by Javier Zanetti – 1:3
  • 47’ – scored by Paulo Sergio, assisted by Damiano Tommasi – 2:3
  • 49’ – scored by Marco Delvecchio, assisted by Paulo Sergio – 3:3
  • 56’ – scored by Ronaldo, assisted by Ivan Zamorano – 3:4
  • 79’ – scored by Eusebio Di Francesco, assisted by Francesco Totti – 4:4
  • 87’ – scored by Diego Simeone, assisted by Roberto Baggio – 4:5

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These matches have left a lasting impact on Serie A history. From thrilling comebacks to intense rivalries, they showcase the excitement and passion that make football the beautiful game. Which of these matches is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to visit Zerobertooficial for more football content.