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Andrey Arshavin Biography: The Remarkable Journey of a Russian Football Legend

Attention all football enthusiasts! Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of one of the most remarkable and controversial forwards in Russian football history? Andrey Arshavin biography is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to experience the adrenaline and excitement of a true football legend. Get ready to be mesmerized by his technical skills, wowed by his on-field antics, and shocked by the controversies that surrounded his career.

Andrey Arshavin, the renowned Russian footballer, was born in Leningrad in 1981. He began his professional career with Zenit in 2000 and was quickly called up to the Russian national team in 2002. However, it was his impressive performance in Euro 2008 that propelled him to the limelight. Despite missing the first two games, he scored a crucial goal in the match against Sweden that led Russia to the knockout stage.

In 2009, Arshavin was transferred to Arsenal for €16m, making him one of the most expensive Russian footballers of all time. His arrival at the club coincided with a period of underperformance for Arsenal. However, in a stunning performance against Liverpool at Anfield, Arshavin scored four goals, helping Arsenal secure a memorable victory.

Andrey Arshavin Biography

Aside from his footballing achievements, Andrey Arshavin stats and net worth have made him a topic of interest for many fans. But what about the man behind the stats? In this article, we’ll delve into some fascinating facts about Andrey Arshavin, shedding light on the life of this exceptional footballer. From his upbringing in Russia to his achievements on the pitch, we’ll uncover what makes Arshavin one of the most unforgettable players in football history.

A Look into the Personal Life of the Russian Football Legend

Arshavin Russian Football Legend

Andrey Arshavin real name is Andrey Sergeevich Arshavin, and he is widely considered one of the greatest Russian football players of all time. Born on May 29, 1981, in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union, Arshavin is currently 39 years old, with a height of 1.72 m and weight of 69 kg. He is the son of Sergey Arshavin and Tatiana Arshavina.

Arshavin is married to Alisa Kazmina, with whom he has two children: Esenya and Yana. However, prior to his marriage to Kazmina, he was married to two other women: Julia Baranovskaya and Alice Arshavina. From his previous marriages, Arshavin has two sons named Artem and Arseniy.

Nicknamed “Shava” and “The Meerkat,” Arshavin is best known for his incredible footballing abilities. He played for several notable clubs, including Zenit St. Petersburg, Arsenal, Kuban Krasnodar, and Kairat, and represented the Russian national team.

In terms of his zodiac sign, Arshavin falls under the Gemini category. As a forward, he wore the jersey number 10 for Zenit St. Petersburg and the Russian national team, and the number 23 for Arsenal.

The Andrey Arshavin biography, the legendary Russian footballer, reveals a fascinating journey of personal and professional highs and lows.

The Early Years of Andrey Arshavin

Early Years of Andrey Arshavin

Born on May 29, 1981, in Leningrad, he spent his childhood in a communal apartment near the Smolenka River, where Andrey Arshavin’s parents, Sergey and Tatiana Arshavin, lived with two other families. Andrey’s father, who was fond of football in his youth but never became a professional, often took him to watch matches of his amateur team. Despite this exposure to the sport, the head of the family did not push his son towards a football career.

Andrey, however, chose football himself, showing a fascination with the game from a young age. He would spend hours hitting the ball against plywood walls, to the annoyance of his neighbors. He was also a keen observer of all matches played by his beloved Barcelona. At just seven years old, Andrey was enrolled in the Zenit football academy, a journey that took him an hour each way.

In his childhood, Andrey was also interested in playing checkers, and even showed promise in the sport, but football remained his primary passion. However, his love for the game almost turned into tragedy when he was hit by a car close to the academy. Fortunately, the incident left him with only minor injuries.

Despite this setback, Andrey’s dedication to football only grew stronger. He continued to train hard at the Zenit academy and eventually made his way into the first team. He went on to become one of the greatest Russian football players of all time, representing his country at the highest level and playing for clubs such as Arsenal, Kuban Krasnodar, and Kairat.

Andrey Arshavin biography shows his journey from a communal apartment near the Smolenka River to international football stardom is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the game.

Andrey Arshavin’s Career

Andrey Arshavin Club Career

Andrey Arshavin biography is nothing short of remarkable. It all started when he joined the team of Smena at the young age of 16. He then moved on to Zenit-2 in 1999, and within a year, he was included in the main team. By the age of 19, Arshavin had made his debut in Zenit’s main squad.

He had a successful 2001 season, playing in 29 matches and scoring his first career goal against Voronezh. At the end of that season, Arshavin was honored with bronze medals with Zenit in the Russian league and was listed as one of the 33 best football players in the Russian championship.

From 2001 to 2006, Arshavin played alongside Alexander Kerzhakov, forming the “Golden Bundle” at Zenit. However, their partnership was cut short after Kerzhakov left for Sevilla. In 2003, Arshavin scored the first hat-trick of his career in a match against Saturn near Moscow.

On a national level, Arshavin played for Russia until 2012, but was controversially left out of the 2002 World Cup squad by coach Oleg Romantsev. Despite this setback, Arshavin went on to have a successful career at Zenit, winning the Russian Super Cup, the UEFA Cup, and the European Super Cup in 2008. He was named the best player in the UEFA Cup final that year.

Arshavin played 374 official matches for Zenit, scoring 71 goals, and winning gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Russian championship. His last goal for Zenit was scored in 2008, and his last match for the club was in the group stage of the Champions League against Real Madrid in 2009.

From Liverpool’s Poker to Scoring Against Barcelona

After spending several successful seasons with Zenit, Arshavin joined Arsenal in 2009. He made his debut for the club in February of that year in a home match against Sunderland. The following month, he scored his first goal for Arsenal in a Premier League match against Blackburn.

“At Arsenal, all we think about is how to attack, how to score, how to dribble, how to make a pass. We do not think so much about defense. Probably, for results, this is no good: but I like it” – Andrey Arshavin, On His days in Arsenal

Arshavin’s career with Arsenal reached new heights on April 21, 2009, when he scored four goals in an away match against Liverpool, becoming the first player to score a poker at Anfield in the Premier League in over 60 years. He was named the Premier League Player of the Month for April and became the second Russian player to receive this award.

In the 2010/2011 Champions League, Arshavin scored a crucial goal for Arsenal in the first leg of the knockout round against Barcelona, ​​but the team ultimately lost the tie. In 2012, Arshavin was loaned back to Zenit for the remainder of the season, reuniting with his former club.

The Andrey Arshavin biography highlights his time at Arsenal, where the skilled midfielder earned a high salary and made a significant impact on the team’s success.

Andrey Arshavin’s Post-Zenit Career: From Kairat to Retirement


Andrey Arshavin’s career continued after his stint with Arsenal. In 2013, he officially transferred to Zenit, the team where he started his professional football career. After two years with Zenit, he joined the Kazakhstani club “Kairat” in 2015 upon the invitation of the new head coach Alexander Borodyuk. He signed a 1+1 contract and became the highest-paid player in the club.

During the first stage of the championship, Arshavin scored six goals in 22 matches out of 50 and won silver medals with Kairat. He was named the best football player in the championship of Kazakhstan by journalists. However, he decided to retire from football in 2018.

International Career

Arshavin Russia

In his 10 years playing for the Russian national team from 2002 to 2012, Arshavin scored 17 goals in 75 matches and became the team captain. He also won a bronze medal with the Russian team in Euro 2008. However, the team failed to repeat the same success at Euro 2012 and lost to the Greek national team in the group stage.

Andrey Arshavin biography was filled with many ups and downs, from winning multiple titles with Zenit to struggling to replicate success with the Russian national team. Nevertheless, he remains a beloved and respected figure in the world of football, especially in his home country of Russia.

Inside Andrey Arshavin’s Family Life: A Look at His Marriages and Controversies

Andrey Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin is a former Russian professional football player who has been in the spotlight for both his achievements on the field and his personal life. Arshavin has been married twice and has several children.

His first relationship was with Julia Baranovskaya, with whom he had three children. Their relationship ended in 2012 when Andrey told Julia that it was over. After their separation, Andrey began a relationship with Alisa Kazmina, a St. Petersburg businesswoman.

Andrey and Alisa got married in September 2017, and their daughter Yesenia was born five months later. However, rumors began to surface about Andrey’s infidelity with a young model, causing tension in their relationship. Despite this, they were able to reconcile and continue their marriage.

In recent years, there have been reports that Alisa intends to file for divorce. She claimed that Andrey was not spending enough time with their daughter and was often absent from their family life. Andrey denied these allegations and was able to convince Alisa not to go through with the divorce.

Despite these challenges, Andrey and Alisa were still married as of the knowledge cutoff in 2021. It is unclear whether they have since divorced or if they are still together.

Overall, Andrey Arshavin life story has been the subject of much speculation and interest over the years. While his relationships have had their ups and downs, his success as a football player has cemented his place in the history of the sport.

Andrey Arshavin’s Religious Beliefs

Andrey Arshavin

Andrey Arshavin, like many Russians, is a follower of the Russian Orthodox Church. Russian Orthodoxy is the largest religious group in Russia, with over 50% of the population adhering to it, according to a 2019 study.

However, religion was suppressed in Russia for much of the 20th century under Soviet rule, and a significant portion of the population remains nonreligious, comprising over one-fourth of the total population.

The Andrey Arshavin biography sheds light on the football star’s religion, revealing that he is Russian Orthodox, which is the largest religious denomination in Russia.

Andrey Arshavin: A Look into His Salary, Net Worth, and Stats

Andrey Arshavin stats

In this section of Andrey Arshavin biography, we will be examining his career statistics and net worth. He earned an impressive salary of €2 million per year while playing for Zenit, and his salary at Arsenal was even higher than that.

Arshavin’s net worth is estimated to be around €10.5 million, which he accumulated through his time playing for Zenit Saint Petersburg, Arsenal, Kuban Krasnodar, Kairat, and the Russian national team. While his highest market value was in 2009 worth €24 million, he has since retired from football.

Throughout his career, Arshavin played 636 games and scored 141 goals, making him an impressive player with great transfer market stats. He joined Arsenal from Zenit for a fee of €16.5 million and was later loaned out to Zenit for a fee of €1.5 million. After four seasons at Arsenal, he returned to Zenit for free before joining Kuban and then Kairat for his final two seasons. Arshavin agreed to a one-year contract with Kuban Krasnodar on 13 July 2015, but his contract was ended by mutual agreement on 1 February 2016.

Arshavin’s performances for the Russian national team at Euro 2008 will always be remembered by fans, although his time at Arsenal was marred by injuries, which prevented him from reaching his full potential. Despite this setback, Arshavin’s transfer market stats remain impressive.

Overall, Andrey Arshavin’s net worth and transfer market stats reflect his successful football career, which saw him play for some of the top clubs in Europe and represent his country at the international level. While his career may be over, his legacy as a talented footballer will continue to be remembered by fans around the world.

Andrey Arshavin’s Honors and Achievements

Andrey Arshavin may not have an extensive list of honors to his name, but his accomplishments with Zenit St. Petersburg are undoubtedly noteworthy. He has won several championships in Russia, which helped him to establish himself as a legend in the club’s history.

  • Andrey Arshavin and Zenit St. Petersburg won the Russian Super Cup, UEFA Cup, and UEFA Super Cup in 2007-2008.
  • Zenit St. Petersburg also claimed the Russian Championship in 2007, 2012, and 2015 with Arshavin’s contributions.
  • Andrey Arshavin was recognized as the Footballer of the Year in Russia in 2006.

Although Andrey Arshavin’s trophy cabinet may not be overflowing, his accomplishments with Zenit St. Petersburg and his individual awards are impressive. He has certainly made a lasting impact on Russian football and will be remembered as a remarkable talent.

The Andrey Arshavin biography showcases his remarkable achievements and honors, including his impressive record with Zenit St. Petersburg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What clubs did Andrey Arshavin play for?

A: Andrey Arshavin played for several clubs, including Zenit St. Petersburg, Arsenal, Kuban Krasnodar, and Kairat. He began his professional career with Zenit in 2000 and later joined Arsenal in 2009. After his time at Arsenal, he returned to Zenit before joining Kuban Krasnodar and finally Kairat.

Q: What is Andrey Arshavin’s net worth?

A: Andrey Arshavin’s net worth is estimated to be around €10.5 million. He accumulated this wealth through his successful football career, playing for various clubs and representing the Russian national team. While his highest market value was in 2009 worth €24 million, he has since retired from football.

Q: What are some of Andrey Arshavin’s notable achievements?

A: Andrey Arshavin won several championships and individual awards throughout his career. With Zenit St. Petersburg, he won the Russian Super Cup, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and the Russian Championship multiple times. He was also recognized as the Footballer of the Year in Russia in 2006.

Q: Is Andrey Arshavin still playing football?

A: No, Andrey Arshavin retired from professional football in 2018. After retiring, he focused on other aspects of his life and left behind a successful career filled with memorable moments and achievements.


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