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Alyssa Naeher: From Soccer-Loving Kid to Goalkeeping Legend

Discover the incredible journey of Alyssa Naeher, the star goalkeeper for the US Women’s National Team and the Chicago Red Stars.

Alyssa Naeher’s biography is a testament to her dedication and passion for the game of soccer. From her humble beginnings as a soccer-loving kid in Connecticut, she has risen to become a legend of the sport. As the first-choice goalkeeper for the U.S. Women’s National Team since 2017, she has led her team to two World Cup titles and an Olympic bronze medal. Her incredible saves, including a pivotal penalty kick stop in the 2019 World Cup semifinal, have solidified her place in soccer history.

Everything to Know about Alyssa Naeher

Naeher, born on April 20, 1988, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has had soccer in her blood from a young age. Alongside her twin sister Amanda, who is also a soccer player and coach, she honed her skills and developed a love for the game. Although she initially had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player, her talent on the soccer field shone through. In high school, she scored over 2000 points for her basketball team while also excelling in soccer.

Now, let’s dive into the fascinating biography of Alyssa Naeher.

Alyssa Naeher: General Information

  • Full Name: Alyssa Michele Naeher
  • Nickname: –
  • Profession: Professional Football Player

Physical Stats

  • Weight: 69 Kilograms
  • Height: 1.75 m
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Blonde

Date of Birth and Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: April 20, 1988
  • Birthplace: Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
  • Nationality: American

Football Information

  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Jersey Number: 1
  • Professional Debut: 2010

Alyssa Naeher: Early Life

Naeher’s early life laid the foundation for her success in soccer. Alongside her twin sister Amanda, she started playing the game at the age of five. Despite enduring a painful injury in her early days, she demonstrated her determination and passion for soccer. Her standout performances at Christian Heritage School earned her numerous accolades, including being a three-time All-State and three-time FAA All-Conference selection in soccer. She also excelled in basketball, scoring over 2000 points in her high school career.

Naeher went on to play for Penn State University, where she continued to shine on the field. She was a First Team All-American in 2007 and 2008 and was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year in 2007. Her impressive college career set the stage for her professional journey.

Alyssa Naeher: Professional Career

Naeher’s professional career has taken her to both sides of the Atlantic, where she has left an indelible mark.

SoccerPlus Connecticut

Naeher began her soccer career at SoccerPlus Connecticut, a youth club founded by former U.S. goalkeeper Tony DiCicco. She trained under DiCicco’s guidance and played for the club from 2004 to 2008, winning the 2005 US Youth Soccer National Championship.

Boston Breakers

In 2010, Naeher made history as the first goalkeeper to be drafted in the Women’s Professional Soccer League, joining the Boston Breakers. She spent two seasons with the Breakers, making 36 appearances and recording four shutouts.

Turbine Potsdam

Following the suspension of the WPS, Naeher decided to take her talents to Europe and joined Turbine Potsdam in the German Bundesliga. She thrived in the new environment, helping Potsdam win the 2011-12 Frauen-Bundesliga title.

Return to Boston Breakers

After her successful stint in Germany, Naeher returned to the Boston Breakers in 2013, joining the newly formed National Women’s Soccer League. She had a stellar season in 2014, winning the NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year award and cementing her place among the league’s best.

Chicago Red Stars

In 2015, Naeher was traded to the Chicago Red Stars, where she continued to shine. She was named Player of the Month in May 2016 and achieved significant milestones, such as earning her 100th NWSL cap in 2018.

Alyssa Naeher: International Career

Naeher’s international career has been nothing short of spectacular. She made her debut for the U.S. Women’s National Team in 2014 and was part of the roster for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Although she did not see playing time in the tournament, she celebrated a memorable victory with her teammates.

In 2017, Naeher became the first-choice goalkeeper for the U.S., succeeding the legendary Hope Solo. Her consistent and reliable performances earned her a spot in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, where she played a pivotal role in securing the U.S. team’s victory. She saved crucial penalty kicks in both the semifinal and final, helping her team claim their fourth World Cup title.

Naeher’s heroics extended to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where she displayed her skill and composure in saving three penalty kicks in the bronze medal match. Her performances throughout the tournament showcased her resilience and ability to shine under pressure.

Alyssa Naeher’s Playing Style

Naeher’s playing style reflects her leadership, confidence, consistency, and skill. As a goalkeeper, she is not only adept at making crucial saves but also excels in distributing the ball to initiate attacks from the back. Her calm demeanor and composure under pressure have earned her accolades as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

While Naeher has faced challenges and criticisms throughout her career, such as injuries and concerns about her communication with defenders, her list of accomplishments speaks for itself. She has earned numerous awards and titles with both her club and the U.S. Women’s National Team.

Alyssa Naeher: Honors and Achievements

Naeher’s career has been marked by numerous honors and achievements, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. At the club level, she has won titles and individual accolades, including the NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year award in 2014 and being named to the NWSL Best XI in the same year. She also holds the record for the most saves in the NWSL.

On the international stage, Naeher has been an integral part of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s success. She has won two FIFA Women’s World Cup titles, an Olympic bronze medal, and several other tournaments, including the CONCACAF Women’s Championship and the SheBelieves Cup. Her individual awards include being named the CONCACAF Goalkeeper of the Year and being selected for the Olympic Women’s Soccer Tournament Best XI.

Alyssa Naeher: Personal Life

Naeher hails from a family that shares her passion for soccer. Her parents, John and Donna Lynn Naeher, raised her and her sisters in Bridgeport, Connecticut. In addition to her twin sister Amanda, who also played soccer, she has a younger sister named Abigail. Alyssa’s diverse heritage reflects her German, English, and French Canadian roots.

Alyssa Naeher’s journey from a soccer-loving kid in Connecticut to a star goalkeeper and household name is a testament to her talent, hard work, and unwavering passion. Her biography serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Alyssa Naeher’s full name?

Alyssa Naeher’s full name is Alyssa Michele Naeher.

2. What position does Alyssa Naeher play?

Alyssa Naeher is a goalkeeper.

3. What teams has Alyssa Naeher played for?

Naeher has played for the Boston Breakers, Turbine Potsdam, and the Chicago Red Stars.

4. How many World Cup titles has Alyssa Naeher won?

Naeher has won two World Cup titles with the U.S. Women’s National Team.

5. What awards has Alyssa Naeher received?

Naeher has received numerous awards, including the NWSL Goalkeeper of the Year and CONCACAF Goalkeeper of the Year.

6. Does Alyssa Naeher have a twin sister?

Yes, Alyssa Naeher has a twin sister named Amanda, who is also a soccer player and coach.


Alyssa Naeher’s journey from a young soccer enthusiast to a legendary goalkeeper is a testament to her talent, resilience, and unwavering dedication to the sport. Her remarkable performances at both the club and international levels have earned her a rightful place among soccer’s elite. Alyssa Naeher’s biography inspires fans around the world and showcases the power of pursuing one’s dreams with passion and determination.

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