8 Little Rock Attractions You Should Check Out

Kelly C. Gamble
Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Little Rock, Arkansas | Things To Do in Little  Rock | Attractions of America

Arkansas as a whole is more like a small town where individuals cherish their ties with others highly. When you enter your neighborhood sushi restaurant, the employees will recognize you by name. The Ouachita and Ozark mountain ranges can be found in Arkansas. Additionally, there are great mountains in both ranges that are perfect for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities. The cost of living in Arkansas is between 10-15% less than the national average, depending on where you live. Cost-saving factors include transportation, utilities, and groceries. However, the cost of Little Rock Houses for Sale is an area where Arkansas excels. Continue reading for 8 Little Rock Attractions you must visit.

  1. Museum of Discovery

The Museum of Discovery, Little Rock’s oldest museum, was founded in reaction to a critic’s statement that Arkansans were “bumpkins” since the state lacked cultural institutions. The melodic Tesla coil, interactive chemistry, biology, and anatomy exhibitions, a tinkering lab, and many other exhibits are among its extensive collection.

  1. River Rail Electric StreetCar

Through a 3.4-mile streetcar line, the METRO Streetcar connects Little Rock and North Little Rock. Since the 1870s, Little Rock has had streetcars. These classic streetcar models are what Rock Region METRO now uses. Rock Region METRO allows you to take a ride on an actual streetcar from the 1800s. It was reopened in 2004 after streetcars were rendered obsolete in the 1940s by the advent of vehicles. You can get to the main downtown attractions in Little Rock with this enjoyable and affordable means of transportation.

  1. Riverfront Park

With a total area of around 33 acres, Riverfront Park spans for 11 blocks along the south bank of the Arkansas River. The most popular gathering spot for locals in Little Rock, Riverfront Park, welcomes you if you’re looking for inexpensive or free things to do. The park is filled with opportunities for outdoor recreation and sights to view, including a historical bridge, a history pavilion, splash pads, a sculpture garden, and the shimmering Arkansas River in the distance.

  1. Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock Zoo opened its doors in 1926 with just two animals on its current 33-acre site. They are taken care of in environments that are divided into the zoo’s various themed zones, including the African Savannah, Asian Elephants, Big Cats, Arkansas Heritage Farm, Great Apes, and many others.

  1. Bernice Garden

The Bernice Garden is a publicly accessible, privately owned garden that is situated in the heart of Little Rock. One of the prettiest sights in Little Rock is Bernice Garden, which showcases the beauty of Arkansan plant life, vegetables, and artworks to honor the local community.

  1. River Market District

The River Market District is a 10,000 square foot indoor market that first opened its doors in 1996. The River Market District is the ideal place to eat after exploring Little Rock’s tourist hotspots all morning or all day. Due to the fact that locals frequent the market for its food, live music, and boutiques, it has been the heart of downtown for more than 20 years.

  1. Big Dam Bridge

Fourteen miles of riverbank pathways from Little Rock to North Little Rock are connected by the Big Dam Bridge. The bridge comes to life at night thanks to award-winning, top-notch LED lighting design.

  1. Rock Town Distillery

Rock Town Distillery produces artisan artisanal spirits that have won awards by carefully processing its own rye, corn, and wheat. Book a tour to see how Rock Town Distillery’s well-known products are created from grain to glass, then stop by the tasting room to discover how good their hand-crafted cocktails, spirits, beers, and wines are.

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