6 Staircases That Will Give You The Design Bug

2. Mirrored Staircase in Mexico Town

A wonderful mirrored staircase I spied at my friend’s residence in Mexico. She created a gallery wall of classic mirrors and artwork. It can help mirror natural light all-around the area.

3. Exquisite and Chic

Celebrity designer, Jeremiah Brent, assisted style this custom white oak wood and iron staircase. It seamlessly connects from the basement to the top ground of the townhouse.

4. Rustic with a Playful Twist

A cozy monotone corner with a rustic twist. If you glimpse intently you can see the diamond and coronary heart-shaped cutouts in the wood railings.

5. Exquisite Entryway

A more traditional staircase with an elegant twist. The basic iron railings complement the curve in the staircase. A different design and style of railing could make this space look far too congested and cluttered.

6. Contemporary Plaster

A far more unique and modern-day seem is not utilizing any iron railings. In its place, clear plaster walls with wood steps will just take an ordinary staircase to the future amount (no pun intended).

Go to Chirpyest’s weblog to see their floor mirror spherical-up listed here.  Stayed tuned for a lot more images of my trip to France tomorrow. I have so quite a few shots of stunning architecture. I hope it leaves you all influenced.



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