5 Best Types of Pavers for a New Orleans Pavestone Driveway

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Driveway Pavers: Best Paving Stones, Patterns & Designs for Driveways

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Welcoming you home in a pavestone driveway involves choosing the best types of pavers that will complement your specific style house while enduring the daily grind of your vehicle tires over the years.

A pavestone driveway looks best when it unites with the style of your house and the surrounding landscape.  It will function best if it is cost-effective, durable, and requires little to no maintenance.  Let’s scratch the surface of top choices for New Orleans pavestone driveways.

5 Materials to Pave your Driveway

Although plain concrete and asphalt are by far the most popular surfaces for driveways, pavers add color, design, texture, and overall appeal.  If you choose the right pavestone material for your driveway in New Orleans, you are sure to boost the curb appeal of your home.

They also work best if you are an environmentally-conscious homeowner since pavestone driveways are very permeable, allowing water to soak down into the ground through sand-filled joints, instead of washing off into the streets and watersheds.

Here are five best pavestone materials you can consider for your driveway:

    Exposed Aggregate

Make your concrete driveway more aesthetic by finishing it with revealed pebbles, shells, stones, and/or sand near the surface when you remove a thin layer from the top of your laid concrete.   

Play with the different textures and colors of hard ground surface materials like colored concrete, timber, or crushed granite that will bring life to a boring sea of plain grey concrete or red bricks for your pavestone driveway.

This style adds texture and design with the natural colors of the aggregates on your smooth gravelly surface.  It will provide a natural skid-resistant quality to your pavestone driveway as well.

Maintenance will only require resealing every few years to keep its aesthetic appeal.

    Concrete Pavers

You can create pavers for your driveway with this very versatile material.  Many different patterns can even be created from stamped concrete. 

Pavers made of concrete molded into bricks usually have better longevity than clay bricks with a lifespan of 25 to 50 years.  They are also stronger than solid concrete slabs 

You can add color by using concrete dyes to achieve a variety of looks to suit the design of your house and landscape.

A concrete pavestone driveway is durable, low-maintenance, and cost-friendly in the long term, and is suitable for any part of the country.

The cost for concrete pavers is $30 to $40 per square foot, including materials and labor.

Clay Brick Pavers

A century-old surfacing material and an eco-friendly option, clay brick pavers are rich in color, texture, and character, and can be laid in different color combinations and patterns for your New Orleans pavestone driveway.

Weather and wear can cause clay brick pavers to flake and disintegrate since they are the most fragile among the paver options.  But with proper installation and upkeep, they can last for 25 years and can stand up to the normal driveway usage.

The cost for clay brick pavers is $10 to $30 per square foot, including materials and labor.


Cobblestone pavers are largely indestructible making them the most durable of all paver options.  They can last for at least a century that the driveway base is usually the one that gives way.

With the intrinsic beauty of a  cobblestone driveway, you are assured of the elegance and durability of your driveway.

Cobblestone comes in various shapes and sizes offering a variety of looks to make your driveway extremely attractive.

The cost for a cobblestone driveway is $40 to $70 per square foot, including materials and labor.

Timber Sleepers

Another eco-friendly option, you can use old timber sleepers on your driveway as stepping stone details on the side access path.  

They are loved for their texture, low (zero) maintenance, good storm weather solution (no run-off), and they never look messy, even when covered with leaves when installed with stones or loose gravel.

Use timber sleepers to create a pervious yet robust  pavestone driveway for that rugged, casual look.

Your Pavestone Driveway Style

A driveway is an architectural element of a house that should not be overlooked because it is what welcomes everyone to your home.

The material you choose for your  pavestone driveway should be based on how it unites with the aesthetics of your property, cost-effectiveness, durability, and maintenance.  Create the driveway of your dreams with the best paver.






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