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10 Essential Soccer Skills You Should Master

Technical skill is what sets the best players in the world apart. Watching players like Lionel Messi and Neymar perform mind-boggling tricks can make you believe that these moves are impossible to replicate. However, many soccer skills may appear more complex than they actually are. With practice and dedication, amateur players can learn to perform these skills as well.

In this article, we will explore 10 key soccer skills that every player should strive to learn. From basic moves that help you evade defenders to advanced tricks that can leave opponents in your wake, we will provide a comprehensive understanding of each skill and how it can enhance your gameplay.

#1. The Stepover

One of the simplest yet effective soccer skills is the stepover. Also known as the pedalada, the denilson, or the Roeder shuffle, this dribbling move creates space in attacking zones. It involves shifting your body in one direction, circling your kicking foot around the ball, and swiftly tapping it in the opposite direction. The goal is to deceive the defender and change direction rapidly, leaving them behind.


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#2. The Cruyff Turn

Named after the legendary Dutch player and manager Johan Cruyff, the Cruyff Turn is a skill that every soccer player should have in their arsenal. This dummy move involves shaping up to pass or shoot, but instead, dragging the ball behind your standing leg with your instep. By turning your shoulders and dribbling away from the opponent, you create openings in attacking situations.

Cruyff Turn

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#3. The Nutmeg

The nutmeg is an iconic skill that every soccer player learns while playing street football. It involves kicking the ball through an opponent’s legs and quickly running around them to regain possession. Visually impressive and highly effective, the nutmeg can be embarrassing for the defender. Timing is crucial, as you must find the right moment and catch the defender off guard.


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#4. La Croqueta

Made famous by the remarkable Andres Iniesta, la croqueta is a dribbling skill that helps you maneuver out of tight spots. It involves shifting the ball quickly from one foot to the other, creating space away from the defender. With agility, speed, and perfect timing, you can master this skill and add it to your repertoire.

La Croqueta

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#5. The Trivela

If you’ve ever seen players bend or curve the ball using the outside of their boot, you’ve witnessed the trivela. This technique, popularized by Portuguese winger Ricardo Quaresma, adds accuracy and pace to your shots or crosses. Striking the ball with the outside of your boot requires practice and precision.


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#6. The Maradona Turn

Named after the legendary Argentine forward Diego Maradona, the Maradona Turn is a close control dribbling skill. It involves pirouetting over the ball while shielding it, performing a 360-degree spin, and dragging the ball in the direction you’re moving. This skill is particularly useful when you find yourself surrounded by defenders in tight spaces.

Maradona Turn

Master the Maradona Turn with our step-by-step guide and improve your control on the pitch.

#7. The Elastico

The Elastico, also known as the “flip-flap,” “akka,” or “snakebite,” is a skill associated with flair players like Ronaldinho and Neymar. It involves luring defenders into a trap by feinting in one direction and quickly changing ball movement to go the opposite way. Footwork and acceleration are crucial in successfully executing this advanced move.


Follow our guide to the elastico skill for step-by-step instructions on how to attempt this trick.

#8. The Rabona

The rabona is a showboating skill that involves wrapping your kicking leg around your standing leg to strike the ball. While it may not be commonly used on the soccer pitch, it showcases creativity and boldness. Players like Giovanni Roccotelli, Erik Lamela, and Jonathan Calleri have amazed audiences with their rabona skills.


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#9. The Rainbow Kick

The rainbow kick, also known as the rainbow flick, is a highly advanced skill that often sparks controversy. When performed correctly, the ball follows a rainbow-like arc and is flicked over the head of the defender in front of you. This trick requires precise coordination and quick fluid motion. Only a few players, such as Jay Jay Okocha and Neymar, have successfully utilized this skill during professional matches.

Rainbow Kick

Discover more about the rainbow kick, including practical tips on mastering it yourself.

#10. The Bicycle Kick

Last but not least, the bicycle kick is the most acrobatic skill on this list. Throwing your body backward into the air with your back to the goal, you quickly propel your legs and strike the ball behind your head. This mid-air strike is not only visually stunning but can also compensate for imperfect crosses by redirecting the ball toward the goal.

Bicycle Kick

If you aspire to become a master of the bicycle kick, our detailed guide will provide you with the necessary steps to learn this impressive skill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these skills suitable for players of all levels?

A: Yes, the skills mentioned in this article can be learned and practiced by players of all levels. While some skills may require more practice and coordination, anyone can improve their gameplay by incorporating these techniques.

Q: How long does it take to master these skills?

A: The time required to master these skills varies from player to player. It depends on your dedication, practice routine, and natural ability. Consistent practice and perseverance are key to improving your skills on the soccer field.

Q: Can these skills be used in matches?

A: Absolutely! These skills are not just for show. When used appropriately in matches, they can help you outwit defenders, create scoring opportunities, and elevate your overall performance on the pitch.


Mastering soccer skills is an ongoing journey that requires dedication, practice, and a passion for the game. The 10 skills mentioned in this article provide you with a foundation for becoming a well-rounded player. Incorporate these techniques into your training routine and witness the positive impact on your gameplay. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with determination, you can become a formidable force on the soccer field.

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